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There's an intestinal war going on

Insides of the intestines
Insides of the intestines

Did you know that there is a real estate war going on at all times in our intestines? Healthy intestines are coated with more than 400 species of bacteria, so many that they outnumber the cells of the body. By taking up space in our intestines, they help protect us from invading disease-causing bacteria.

If antibiotics disrupt and therefore reduce the beneficial flora colony in the intestines, a person may be open for infection with dangerous bacteria. However, the good news is that there are also good bacteria that produce vitamins such as Vitamin K and some B vitamins. Balanced intestinal flora creates a state of calm in the intestines or gut, thereby creating a state of calm in the body’s immune system.

Ensuring the presence of the right kind of bacteria is essential to having a healthy gut. Valerie Phillips, ND, is a naturopathic doctor who recognizes the importance of the connection between a healthy gut and overall health.

She recommends that you feed or weed to create a healthy floral colony in the intestines:

  • Feed the good bacteria with prebiotics such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS) or inulin. FOS and inulin are found in leeks, onions and asparagus and can increase friendly bacteria in the gut. Beneficial bacteria are available in yoghurt, kombucha, kim chee, natto or probiotic, (the actual good bacteria) supplements.


  • Weed or kill the bad bacteria. First and foremost, if you have taken antibiotics avoid simple sugars. Herbs that kill yeasts and pathogenic bacteria include oregano oil (preferably emulsified and enteric coated), 600 mg per day total (in divided doses), and Berberine in the form of Oregon Grape Root or Goldenseal, 400 mg per day.

Restoring balance in the gut is essential to winning the intestinal war that leads to better health and well-being. 


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