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There's a ride for everyone at The Atlanta Fair

The Atlanta Fair has been in town since last month and is soon to end its season of fun at Turner Field. That’s why our family had to jump fast at a nearly last chance visit to the city’s oldest running carnival before it’s last day on April 6, 2014.

The best Family Fun Night around town!-slide0
Monica Hill
The Atlanta fair illuminates the city on a nightly basis with all of its rides, games, and lights!
Monica Hill

With an eighteen year-old and an eight year-old in my entourage, I normally get stumped on trying to get both my daughters to agree on a “family night” activity or event. Hence, we were excited to be invited to the fair and took that opportunity to have a fun-filled family night that's appropriate for both their age groups! Not to mention, my scary butt may even muster up the courage to ride a few mediocre thrills and enjoy myself, as well. So, I knew we would all have a blast.

We arrived at dusk and before we could park the car my two were already fighting over which rides would be their first to their last. My immediate thought was, for a Friday, how wonderful of a sight it was to see no long lines as we entered the amusement fair. My teen's first reaction was, “there’s actually some thrilling rides here for adults, Mom please tell me you’re going to get on at least one with me.” My little one screamed with enthusiasm at the first sight of her first pick, this giant multi-colored slide, named the "Fun Slide".

As the little munchkin was grabbing her sackcloth, walked up about 1,000 steps and flew down this colossal slide with full velocity, lest we not forget this is a child’s ride - I could only imagine the death-defying feeling I will get just trying one of the big people ones. That’s when I decided Um - HECKLER No!

But of course, my teen wasn’t hearing that and she made us try the most height appropriate thriller for all of us. So the next stop, the "Starship"! Child, please! That's all I can say. This enclosed, no gravity, spin machine with nothing to hold onto was exactly why I should have stuck with my initial decision. This thing went at such a speed that it didn't need anything but a lack of gravity to allow my stomach to feel like it was floating outside of my body. To think some riders were actually flipping around in there! And, trust me that was the least rattling of all the adults rides. You need to see what “The Claw” can do, which my eldest still dared me to ride! I mean even, the Himalaya Disco ride made me feel like I was too old for all this; in a good way!

So, myself and the little munchkin stuck to the easy scares. I did my mommy-thing and got me some Fried Oreos, a Funnel cake, and a Lemonade Shake, while “Mini-Me” spent all my money on games for little gold ones (goldfish, that is)! Until I stopped that by one simple question: “How much would it be if I just buy a fish?” That saved me a small fortune!

Time sure did fly on our family fun night, but, it couldn't have been more beauty in seeing the Atlanta community come together to simply have fun. With those illuminated rides with vibrant colors surrounding "Date-Night" couples, dozens of families, and the city’s finest alike; who all seemingly enjoyed being there as much as my family did, it was nice to get back to good old-fashioned Atlanta fun! I included a slew of pics for readers to get a glimpse before you’re missing or you can catch the last two weeks of the fun-filled fair!

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