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There's a party in this box

Bring out the malbec in a cube and get the party started.
Bring out the malbec in a cube and get the party started.
Julia Hollister

Target’s malbec wine in a vivid violet box is fun cubed.

The 3L environmentally friendly package – equivalent to four 750ml bottles (or 20 glasses) – is priced conveniently at around $18. This means each glass is about $1.

Produced in Argentina, malbec is finally getting respect from global wine drinkers.

The ruby hued grape traces its roots to northern Burgundy when it was typically used for blending with cabernet sauvignon to produce Bordeaux wines. It has been largely replaced by merlot. Although it was once wildly popular in France, it has become increasingly insignificant there. French ambivalence toward the grape is evident in the name which translates to “bad beak”.

Malbec has reclaimed its glory in the foothills of Argentina’s Andes where it has achieved world-class status and a symbol of their great wine culture. These fertile mountain valleys allow the fruit to develop its dark fruit character and flavors.

Inside the box is a chewy, medium-bodied varietal with notes of leather, plum, blackberry and chocolate. The finish lingers after the glass is dry.

Enjoy this wine with casserole dishes, cheeseburgers, chili and pizza. Or try with rustic bread dipped in olive oil flavored with crushed garlic, chili peppers and cilantro.


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