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There's a new judge in town

Gary Sherman….Gary Sherman….Gary Sherman. I should know that name.

Now I remember Gary Sherman was the critical vote needed desperately by Governor Doyle to preserve open carry in Wisconsin five years ago.

He is the Assembly Representative who voted for SB214 and then switched his vote against it to sustain the Governor’s veto of SB214. This legislation was the concealed carry law that passed the legislature with a bi-partisan two thirds super majority. By convincing Representative Sherman to switch his vote, the Governor was able to guarantee that his veto of SB214 would be sustained by just one critical vote, Representative Sherman’s vote.

Why would Representative Sherman switch his vote to kill legislation he has claimed to staunchly support you ask?

No one really knows for sure except for the Governor and Representative Sherman. However the Governor has just appointed Representative Sherman to the Wisconsin District IV Court of Appeals.

It could be just a coincidence, you be the judge.



  • Greg B 5 years ago

    Smells like a little political exchange to me.

  • jerry z 5 years ago

    isn't that a sort of bribery?

  • bballbob 5 years ago

    Those of us in Gary's district are well rid of him. Unfortunately, his (lack of) ethics will now be further inflicted on the rest of the state. Another tax and spend democrat party hack who gets his reward...just like loophole Louie Butler.

    Got Hope?

  • Crotalus 5 years ago

    This reeks of political tit-for-tat, but I'm a little confused. Gov. Doyle wanted to preserve open carry? The concealed carry legislation would have done away with open carry?

  • Gene German 5 years ago

    The last two Personal Protection Acts would have done away with open carry. They were both concealed carry bills. As a matter of fact, apparently no one who supported these bills realized open carry was indeed lawful at the time (except Jim Doyle).

    It was Jim Doyle who argued (as the AG) for Hamden's conviction before the WI Supreme Court, because he did not need to break the law, he could have openly carried his gun instead. The state (AG) argued that open carry has always been lawful.

    It is widely believed that law enforcement was instructed by the DOJ to make life miserable for anyone who actually tried to open carry however. Although it is just speculation, the statewide policy of harassment and arresting open carriers for disorderly conduct makes this notion even more plausible.

    J B VanHollen's April 20th memo to DA's and law enforcers helps to clear the air. There is still some work to do, but things have definitely improved.