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There’s a New Grill in Town

Popular barbecue expert Diva Q says wood pellet grills are the new trend this summer. Chinwagn Inc. in Burlington is offering a variety of Louisiana and Black Earth wood pellet grills.

By Paul Fitzgerald

Chinwagn Inc. in Burlington, ON, may have opened up for business only a few months ago, but already their wood pellet grills are the talk of the town and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Wood pellet grills are now being hailed as the next best thing for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who like their food hot off the grill.

Popular barbecue expert Diva Q says wood pellet grills offer the best in flavor. Chinwagn is offering a variety of Louisiana and Black Earth wood pellet grills

“Wood pellet grills have emerged to become a hot commodity on the barbecue market,” says Diva Q. “The small pellets do a great job of replicating, to the best of their ability, large-scale wood fire pits. The pellets are compressed wood, and that’s what makes them special. Not everyone can place a large offset in their backyards fed by wood. Pellet grills fit that niche.”

The new taste revolution has arrived and Chris Amell, founder and owner of Chinwagn Inc., is elated with the response from homeowners since recently opening up shop at 975 Fraser Drive (Unit 4).

Their wood pellet grills are a ‘smoking’ sensation here in the city and beyond. .

“Business has been superb since we announced that we are offering top-of-the-line Black Earth and Louisiana style wood pellet grills,” says Amell. “Each Black Earth and Louisiana style units we offer provides a wood infusion taste in any meal, just try it. There is nothing like it on the market. This Louisiana grill style of cooking - a cut on its own - is quickly catching on since we brought it on the market only a few months ago.”

He adds, “Black Earth is the new taste revolution and it’s now becoming the rave among backyard cooking fans.”

Chinwagn Inc. is both an authorized agent and dealer for Black Earth wood pellet grills and Louisiana grills. .

His wood pellet grills are getting rave reviews from outdoor cooks of sorts, like Chris Wilford in Waterdown, ON, who is using the Louisiana wood pellet grill, says he enjoys the outdoor flavor his unit offers.

“Chicken, ribs, steaks and beef have never tasted better,” says Wilford. “What I love most is the versatility of my 450 unit. It’s digital and has a meat thermometer, and in all I have never tasted food this good.”

Jeff Wilkinson, who lives in Burlington, just purchased Black Earth wood pellet grill, and he says there is no going back to the old style method of barbecuing.

“The food off the grill is just outstanding – I mean amazing,” he says. “I am never ever going to buy a barbecue from a department store in my life again. It’s a wood pellet grill or nothing.”

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