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There's a nap for that: March 11, 2013 Take a Nap Day

Burning the candle at both ends can impact your level of happiness, too.
Burning the candle at both ends can impact your level of happiness, too.
Mircosoft Corporation

Changing the clocks due to the "Spring Ahead" leaves many people barely dragging themselves to work come Monday morning. Between multitasking during the week and jamming tons of activities into the weekend, Sunday doesn't provide the do-nothing buffer as a day of rest anymore.

Monday is Napping Day, an unofficial holiday created in 1999 by now-retired Boston University professor William Anthony and his wife, Camille, to help people adjust to Daylight Saving here to read more.

Employer not observing this important holiday? Have no fear ye sleep-deprived citizens. Fort Worth's Powernaps is here. Seriously.

And it could not come at a better time.

Increasingly, people are getting less and less sleep. And it is not just the kiddos getting up at the crack of dawn to get to school or college students pulling all-nighters. It is the average working person with overlapping commitments trying to balance both work and personal lives. You know it, your family knows it, and so do more and more employers.

Click here for an MSNBC video

The idea behind this locally based company is that a well rested employee is a productive employee. Their service provides supervised naps which allows frazzled nerves a chance to relax and your stressed out brain an opportunity to calm the "chatter".

Many big corporate names such as Nike, Google, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Deloitte Consulting offer employees the opportunity and some dedicated space to nap. But some of the early pioneers of recognizing the many benefits of power napping have included small businesses with fewer than 20 employees. Powernaps provides in-house managed napping solutions to large corporations and small businesses alike. As an added employee benefit, power napping not only makes your employees smile, it will make them 42% more

Although sleeping on the job in America is often seen as wasting the employer's time and money, this cultural difference is slowly changing. Want this type of service at your workplace? Your employer can check out their blog for more information or call them at 817. 231. 5110.

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