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There's a gluten free app for that

Identifying gluten free products has never been so easy.
Identifying gluten free products has never been so easy.

Midlife Crisis Apps, a new venture out of Atlanta, GA, has developed an amazing new iPhone app for the gluten intolerant. Is That Gluten Free? contains over 15,500 manufacturer verified gluten free products from over 370 brands according to the company's recent tweet. Picture this, you are wandering the aisles of your local grocery and you see a product that sound ever so delicious. Upon inspection you find no fancy “Gluten Free” notation on the nutrition label and the ingredients list reads like a chemistry lab recipe. For a mere one-time fee of $5.99 (free upgrades) you can look up that specific item and know if the manufacturer proclaims it to be gluten free and whether or not cross-contamination will be an issue. Or, if you are just filled with time and love hanging out in the canned goods aisle you can look up every single ingredient in the list and identify it as safe or unsafe.

Connectivity is not required unless you choose to link directly to that brand's website with one easy click from the product page.  Here’s hoping their next endeavor includes restaurants!


  • Greg O 5 years ago

    Way to go Libby discussing those cool Iphone Apps. This is something I could use when shopping for those Gluten Free foods.