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There's a flood coming and Noah has the Ark ready? Are you in or out?

There's a flood coming. A flood of people that is - heading for a local theater to watch Noah which is being released on March 28.

I was planning to go anyway. It will most definitely be a big-picture kind of flick.

Now I have 10 more reasons why people of faith can embrace the 'Noah' movie. The article written by John Snowden (no relation to Edward) articulates 10 very good reasons the movie should not be dismissed by people who otherwise believe the Flood.

The skeptics will do what they will do and say what they will say. "There used to be a flood on a water-less planet ... " But they can't recognize that there WAS a flood on a planet that is more than 2/3rds water. How's that logic working for them?

#4 on Snowden's list - Global Flood. Creation from Nothing. Spot on there. And anyone, any entity that can help get those points across, I am happy to support.

The movie, by the way, was NOT written by Christians for Christians ... but by Jewish writers, who also cannot fathom how anyone could come up with some alternative to the beginning of the world other than a almighty Creator.

I'll be there to see the movie. Will you?

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