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There is still time to start spring vegetables

Better late than never
R. Mac Gregor

It is a bit too late for lettuce and radishes from seed; if you wish to raise those vegetables this year you should probably be looking towards a fall planting; and that is a good thing anyway. Too often fresh fall crops are ignored. But it still may not be too late for some spring favorites here in Zone Six. Even cabbage, broccoli and kale may still be within reach.

It all depends on your local garden supply store and nursery.

Pay their live plant section a visit and see if you can find cabbage plants, kale and the rest which are healthy and large. Ignore undersized, limp or yellowed veggies; at this point you would be wasting your money. If you find big healthy ones however, scoop them up and get them in the ground immediately with a large dose of water and a little general purpose fertilizer.

Give these plants lots of tender loving care; scrupulous weeding, regular watering and as soon as it looks as though they are established give them a protective layer of mulch.

You may still find yourself enjoying spring favorites which have been planted only today.

But I wouldn't wait any longer, time is definately running out

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