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There is still time for Affordable Health Care

How does health insurance for less than six bucks a month sound to you? This is what you missed out on if you are a single person that is of low income. Many people have already been told over the phone today that by calling the Affordable Care hotline that is available thru accessing that you can still have access to affordable health care thru what has now been labeled as Obama Care. The final numbers that will come in just a few weeks hope to show that a lot of young healthy people have joined the insurance pool. Thus, lowering the costs for health insurance for all of us over time. Till then there are many tax credits that you can use to immediately purchase health insurance thru the exchanges. There will still be deductions and credits for those that choose to pay their own plan provided that their plan is not provided for them by their employer. The next thing we can expect in the next ten years is for individuals even the young to once again view health care benefits as an important part of their decision making when looking for a better paying job.

In the end, only the strong will survive. As the economy continues to improve and businesses begin to hire at levels not seen before the Great Recession, your business and many others will see the valuable employees, the one's with an education and desire to achieve greatness for both your organization and others will once again see health care benefits as once again something that almost every decent employer will have to offer to keep decent employees.

Most of us democrats that really dislikes the era of Bush and many wars with many emphasis on deregulation based on big corporate powers being too greedy along with the banks offering unethical loans have looked forward to the day when greedy and dumb have fallen while the smart and hard working men and women of this country are now able to obtain what for many years was taken for granted that being Affordable Health Care. This is a big victory as the quality of life for Americans will once again reach and surpass that of the rest of the world. Many new jobs will be created as more and more people get regular physicals and other preventive care. Many who have pre-existing conditions will be able to work again without having to rely on public aid to obtain the medical services needed to treat a chronic condition such as diabetes, arthritis, back pain, depression, and many other diseases. I applaud the Democratic party for taking a bold move after the passing of one of the famous Kennedy's help motivate their desire to see this dream come true.

Thank you and remember yes it will have to be changed or adjusted one day just like every major shift in domestic or foreign policy. However, it was a law that was originally introduced after employers failed to provide what they had for so many years before the international community decided to make it more profitable to do business in a global world. In the end, we still have to think about our fellow Americans and ensure that they receive the same medical care as most others do in the other side of the world in the Northern Hemisphere.

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