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There is Only One Way the Lynden Dorval Affair Can End

The inquiries have reached an end: Lynden Dorval was right. Edmonton Public School board Superindendant Edgar Schmidt was wrong.

If Edmontonians aren't familiar with the story, they should be: Dorval defied an EPSB policy that forbade teachers from giving students a zero for work uncompleted. It's a bizarre policy based more on ideology than on anything else. Dorval refused to bow to the Superintendant or the principal of the school. He was fired.

A tribunal convened to rule on the case came down solidly in Dorval's favour. There was no justification to fire him, and Dorval was not afforded an appropriate opportunity to defend himself. Thus was the tribunal's ruling.

As a consequence, the EPSB has been directed to pay Dorval two full years' salary. Consequently, there is now only one way this affair can end:

The Edmonton Public School Board should wish Schmidt the best of luck in his future endeavours. His improper handling of this policy -- which should never have existed in the first place -- has apparently cost the EPSB a lot of money, and for no good reason. Administration is clearly not for him.

Ron Bradley, the principal involved, should also be future endeavoured. He has since left his position as principal of Ross Sheppard High and moved into Human Resources. Based on the results of the tribunal, that's obviously a bad idea.

This should be done immediately. Before, not after, Schmidt brings forth a revised no zero policy with five hurdles a teacher must clear before assigning a zero for uncompleted work. And before, not after, Bradley handles even one more HR file.

Fortunately, Lynden Dorval will be there to stand up to Schmidt again should he attempt to bring that policy forward. Hopefully he will be there standing up to Schmidt every step of the way until the EPSB finally does the right thing and relieves him of his duties.

It's the only way the Lynden Dorval affair can ever really end.

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