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There is only one real conspiracy. Are you part of it?

Forget all of the mainstream conspiracy theories.

European Judeo-Masonic conspiracy poster from 1935, a theory still going strong in the United States of 2014.
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

It's completely irrelevant whether The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, illuminati, Masons, Knights Templar or Zionists are secretly manipulating all evil in the world.

Whether real or imagined they can do nothing without the eager complicity of governments.

So concentrate on the real, completely known and openly admitted conspiracy: Government.

Government is a conspiracy by a small cadre of ruling class psychopaths to manipulate as many people as possible for the benefit of their own lust for power, wealth and ego gratification.

The creators of governments, like the creators of all criminal organizations, claim a monopoly of power over a geographical area and the people who live within it and plunder them.

The days of simply enslaving their own populations or conquering their neighbors is mostly over. The ruling class finds it much more expedient to toss as many people as possible a few crumbs of "benefits" as they rob them blind. When people think they're benefitting more by accepting the goodies stolen from others than what is stolen from them they essentially enslave themselves.

The biggest enablers of the ruling class are the masses of second tier wannabe rulers eager to ingratiate themselves with their masters by manufacturing endless rationalizations, evasions and justifications for everyone else. They concoct mind-controlling fictions like "social justice" and "the public good" and "rule by the people" and "protect the public from the depredations of the free market" to get the slaves to convince themselves that they "need" governments.

Thus everyone who receives the crumbs of plunder from the ruling class becomes obedient to that class; cops, military, civil servants, public school teachers, politicians, corporate workers – virtually everyone.

For the sake of a paycheck cops will mindlessly enforce unjust and unconstitutional laws; soldiers will ruthlessly shoot anyone, including their fellow citizens; civil servants will blindly shuffle paper for no useful real-world purpose; public school teachers will ignorantly channel the propaganda they learned in their teachers schools – all because they're told to.

They will all do it for absolutely the worst possible reasons of all, because "I'm just doing my job" and "I'm just following orders," the very defenses Nazi war criminals offered at the Nuremberg Trials following World War II.

The worst of them were told their excuses were unacceptable and then executed.

What will your excuse be for rejecting libertarianism and living your life as a ruling class tool?

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