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There is no way to rush Spiritual Evolution

     As we grow into and develop our practice we may sometime find ourselves in times that can be hurtful, painful, or sad. When we face such times, we can feel that we would rather not have to go through “things like these.” Yet, to not look at these moments of hardship as just as much of a Blessing and a Gift as the times we call joyous could leave us blind to the beauty of the growing pains of the experience.


     Life is not always going to seem like the Magnificent, Harmonious, and Perfect place that it truly is. Let’s face it; things are not always easy in the world as we have created it to be. At our current level of manifestation (at the very least, at my current level of manifestation) we will sometimes misplace the fact that this experience of living is a Divine Playground for our Process of Growth; thusly, we may see things as painful and wrong. We may not want to go through the hard time ahead, but this doesn’t deny the fact that we have drawn every experience to us – EVERY ONE OF THEM – for the purpose of our own Evolution. In painful times, we have the opportunity to try not to rush through; we have the opportunity to sit in and with the seeming misery and allow it to show us the part of ourselves that we called the experience into being for. To not take full advantage of these harder times is to deprive ourselves of some of our greatest Gifts. These rough times are not easy to sit through, they are not comfortable, and they are not the most pleasant thing to be a part of. But there is no doubt, that once we engage these times with the same Loving Openness we can so freely welcome our joyous moments, we will begin to move beyond the pain. The energy that we attach to the less than desirable moments instantly changes when we can bring the Light of Understanding into the scenario: We can begin to see the Perfection in that which we would deem imperfect. In changing our perception of the pain the pain becomes less painful. As we hold to the truth that nothing at all happens in our existence by mistake, as we begin to be aware of the positive growth opportunities which are hidden in the muck, and as we listen to our Inner Voice (Spirit) we begin to embrace the situation as valiantly as possible. Now we set our sights on moving through the pain. It is in moving through these sadder moments without haste or trying to run from the painful times that we cease attempting to rush our Spiritual Evolution and we can then calmly walk forward, in the Love of It All, knowing that everything is going to be alright.


     You know exactly why you read this: Trust it; it’s beautiful.

(Let your Inner Divinity guide you)



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