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There is No Room for Racism in the Paint

It is inconceivable to think that basketball had been tainted by the ugly words of racism. Basketball is the purest sport. Basketball is the sport that combines grace, athleticism and power to produce the most exciting, welcoming game in the world. At every school yard in Philly and everywhere day or night you can find students and adults playing basketball. No one tells them who or who cannot play and no one says who can and who cannot watch. If what he said was truly him the racist owner of the Clippers is despicable and reprehensible in saying who can and cannot watch his team.
The NBA of all leagues gives back to it’s communities with its NBA cares program. They help local children’s hospitals and local charities. There are basketball leagues coached by volunteer parents in every town keeping the kids productive and busy after school and on the weekends. Parents want their kids to play basketball because basketball is the great equalizer. It is an American game because it reflects our values. You can’t play basketball without cooperating with your team yet everyone on the team has a chance to score and excel. Isn’t that, after all the American dream?
If the owner of the Clippers doesn’t buy into the ideas of equality, teamwork and excellence he should sell his team and let someone buy it who understands and cares about basketball, the Clippers and their fans. There is no room for racism in basketball. There is only room for teamwork and glory in the paint and cheering fans adoring their team.
Some great local basketball kids leagues are:
GYA: Glenside Youth Association
HVAA: Huntington Valley Athletic Association
Check with your township for your local athletic league or check with your local YMCA for classes and please be there to cheer them on.

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