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There is no I in paranormal

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There is no 'I' in paranormal, but there is a 'pa' and a 'ma'. A coincidence for sure, but a useful one no less.

It is time to remove the ego and lust for profits from the forefront of the paranormal. The return of the family atmosphere that was once the lifeblood of the paranormal, sustaining it, allowing the open sharing of ideas and information, along with a feeling of mutual respect, is severely needed.

With 2013 rapidly swirling around the drain and 2014 posed to takes it place, now is a great opportunity for Paranormal groups to make some changes in their modi operandi.

If one wonders why there are so many today that use the words I, me, my, or mine with the word paranormal, then look no further than your TV set, radio or bookstore. It is the seduction of pseudo-fame and small profits that turned what was once a "field" of friendly peers, sharing ideas and information, into a fierce competition of enemies, who horde ideas and fashion elitist thoughts of "I'm better than you" or "My group is better than yours".

Television and radio shows are produced with one major goal in mind: ratings. And ratings equal money from merchandising and sponsors. So, even the person who uses his other "head" to think should be able to see why this is quite a detriment to the "field".

No evidence equals no ratings. Faked or misinterpreted evidence equals ratings. Ratings equal money. Which one do you think has more likely been happening? The answer should be obvious.

Books follow the same line of thought.

Paranormal books are information, or as is true in most cases of the paranormal, misinformation, sold for profit. Whether these authors have the knowledge, background or experience in what they are writing about is certainly open to debate and not the intent of this article. What matters is that they are cunning enough to know that people will buy any paranormal information providing you dress it up, do its hair, put its makeup on, and get it to smile pleasingly enough.

Therefore, information that "looks" good, sells, whether it is factual or not. A problem made worse today since just about anyone can write and publish a book. It's a perfect forum to pump out misinformation.

And books with these words in their title, "my paranormal journey", have become about as interesting as watching a Teletubbies rerun. To think oneself is so important that they must write a book about "their" paranormal journey is preposterous when the paranormal is not about any one person, but about each and every one of us.

Imagine if we all wrote a book about "my toilet journey". Because from this perspective, they both have a foul air of similarity.

Media outlets today are full of greedy paranormal pimp daddies out to pander their paranormal information whores to those willing to accept the fake orgasms they produce as a substitute for the real thing.

Now, it is true that some of these shows and books can be somewhat entertaining to many but for people who are on the front lines, a.k.a Paranormal groups, these media productions present a major challenge to helping the "field" evolve.

That challenge is that information and ideas are now regarded as individual nuggets of gold, whereas in the past they were considered as free as the air we breathe. Now, groups and individuals greedily stake their claims, put fences around their paranormal gold mines and arm themselves in order to keep others away. Why? Because they think they will be the next great thing with fame and fortune right on their heels.

This is precisely what needs to change.

For the paranormal "field" to ever progress, open sharing of ideas and information must occur. The media is clearly not a reliable source due to profits being their driving force. Thus, it will come down to the Paranormal groups themselves. A grass roots effort in a sense.

But each group's pride must first be replaced with humility with an aim at a much worthier target, one that goes above and beyond one's importance and profit: the truth.

Today is the perfect juncture for groups to take a moment and look back at 2013 and ask themselves: What have we done for the paranormal "field"? Did we; one, better ourselves; two, better the entertainment industry; or three, better the Paranormal "field".

If they find choice three lacking, then much must be done and 2014 is a great starting point.

Without invoking that corny call for "Paranormal unity", it is time to get back to that family atmosphere, pre-paranormal-media glut, where the thirst for the truth was what inspired us, not profit or fame. Brothers and sisters in it for a common cause and a greater good.

Okay then. Paranormal unity.

No individual or paranormal group is better than another. No one person or group's paranormal journey is more important than another's. This is a journey that we are all in together, whether we are behind the steering wheel, front seat passengers or sitting in the back.

There is no I in Paranormal.



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