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There is huge difference between man's understanding and God's divine revelation

It really comes down to this simple issue: God's way or my way.
It really comes down to this simple issue: God's way or my way.

Throwing up your hands in frustration with the proverbial “I don’t get it” signals the pitfalls of attempting to understand Bible spiritual truth with man’s intellect and human understanding. The ways of God and man just do not intertwine.

Comparisons hardly help because each human being is so uniquely different that the spiritual realities for one person do not necessarily transfer over to another. How often do you see someone trying to direct another person based on their own limited experiences only to increase the pain and misery of the other if the advice is followed? It happens more often than we care to admit.

One saying of Jesus has a multiple application when He advised people against judging with hypocrisy with the famous “remove the board from your eye, then you can better assist your brother in removing the speck from his eye”. Those all too eager and willing to correct others typically have worse issues in their own lives.

The Holy Scriptures instructs us that the Holy Spirit teaches us all things and brings all things to remembrance. There just isn’t a better vehicle for correction when the word of God is preached under the anointing of a preacher on the platform to bring the conviction of sin upon any individual whether saved or unsaved. Repeatedly those with unresolved sin will feel such conviction that they are convinced somebody told the preacher and the preacher was talking directly to them.

The church is not a place to come to feel comfortable or entertained. The purpose of the church is to equip the saints for spiritual warfare by the proclamation of God’s word. Supernatural gifts in operation, all of them, are designed to get attention of the unbeliever and to encourage the saints.

Unfortunately there is a mindset that has infiltrated the church thinking that gimmicks and entertainment will draw people to church where one can feel good on their way to salvation. Feeling good rarely invites those to change, but merely substantiates that “they aren’t so bad after all”.

The Bible narrative regarding salvation is always consistent to the realization to one’s poor spiritual condition based on God’s requirements once the gospel message is preached. As with Bible examples, there is a genuine shame and regret concerning the failures revealed and a desire to reconcile oneself based on God’s expectations and not the feelings, emotions, and sin nature of the one doing the repenting.

Man’s standard for righteousness is far inferior to what the Creator mandates. This translates over to a wide variety of subjects and standards. There is a reason why God takes the time to explain that as far above the Earth as the heavens are His way above man’s ways.

Jesus articulates this gulf of understanding to Nicodemus when Christ declares, “I have explained to you of Earthly things and you do not understand. How then could you understand if I told you of heavenly things?”

Truth is given once the receiver is willing to receive it and has the capacity to correctly interpret and apply what was given. That truth is illuminated with Bible scripture that is pregnant with spiritual realities that explode forth at the reading for the 15th, 20th, or 30th time or more, and less too than fifteen depending on the person.

There is not a believer that has not experienced this moment of truth and says, “I have read or heard this multiple times and now I got it!”

Being ready to receive the truth with a heart or mind that is plowed and fertilized will allow the seed to germinate and grow. This combination of being willing and able gives birth to the spiritual reality that connects to other foundations of spiritual truth. It is a process that is ongoing and interactive with other followers of the faith.

There rarely is an instance where God will use the higher paragons of religious institutions because there will be efforts to control it or put it in the denominational order of human ideology. The Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles is an example why God will even go to a barn house to accomplish what He wants to accomplish. Using the least likely candidate at the least likely location will substantiate God’s glory. William Seymour of Azusa Street was the epitome of humility and being a no-name preacher.

Did it make sense? Of course not….. which is why God will always be the God of the unexpected. God delights in paradoxes and thrills at the impossibilities.

If you can figure it out, God is probably not in it.

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