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There is finally rational dialogue regarding same sex attraction

Janet Boynes is one example of somebody that has successfully reprogrammed their desires from homosexuality to heterosexuality.  As with anything else it takes work and diligence by keeping your mind stayed on Jesus to continue the course.
Janet Boynes Ministries Photo

Without a doubt being able to reconcile the issue of same sex attraction to the Christian walk is more of a political mine field to navigate through than one of not knowing the correct position to have. The balance between the world views of sexuality with Biblical teaching is not restricted to homosexual behavior, but also includes heterosexual behavior.

The Bible clearly discloses the boundaries of sexual expressions, however these boundaries are rebelled against as any other stipulations that are established for the well-being of society and individuals, and more importantly righteousness. Fill in the category of sin standards, and there will always be those unwilling to change their behavior. It is rather disheartening to list every category.

For the sake of simplicity same sex attraction has long been categorized as a behavior which has no definitive cause. As with all other behaviors, homosexuality is highly likely to be the result of adhering to behavior modeling, environment, socialization, and what the person has been exposed. First impressions or first experiences represent a powerful stimulus for programming one’s sexuality.

Our minds are an open program and common sense should dictate that whatever you are exposed to will have a tremendous impact on how you develop your own behavior. There are reams of information in the professional offices of psychiatrists and psychologists, unfortunately there is a reluctance to use that data to understand how same sex attraction can develop. No proof of hard coding any sexual behavior be it homosexuality or even heterosexuality is definitive.

Biblically one is instructed to “guard your heart, for out of it flow the issues of life”. Anyone with a measure of common sense acknowledges that children are adaptable and impressionable. There is a common denominator to much homosexuality, but professionals lack the courage to express it due to the politicized nature of the gay agenda. You are not allowed even to suggest anything different.

Should anyone merely suggest that homosexual behavior can be modified, there is shrieking, hysterics, name-calling, and demonizing directed to whom ever made such a comment. The much used slogan of being hateful is used whenever anyone fails to acquiesce to the radical gay agenda talking points.

The truth is slowing coming out to dispel the notion that homosexuality cannot be reprogrammed. Actually there are hundreds of cases of those escaping the gay lifestyle, however there is resistance to even acknowledge the possibility of successful cases being changed to heterosexual desires.

The treatment of cancer is not a guaranteed success rate, however it does not stop people with a desire to beat the odds and undergo treatment. A genuine desire to change can result in a successful placebo regardless of the nature of the pursued change whether physical, mental, or behavioral.

The Christian Post has an article by Jessica Martinez regarding a woman who lived the lesbian lifestyle for 14-years and successfully left behind former habits and sexual preferences. She spearheads a ministry called Called Out Ministries where she assists in ministering to LGBT individuals seeking to leave homosexuality.

There is a right way to approach this sensitive subject and Janet Boynes instructs from experience the best way to handle those that struggle with homosexuality, and that is “compassion without compromise”.

This powerful advice to support change is the same message Jesus conveyed to the woman caught in adultery. Jesus was not interested in condemnation, but in the woman’s future redemption. Jesus declared He would not condemn her, however Jesus did instruct her to “go and sin no more”.

As with every message the Bible sets forth, repentance is to change the way you think and to turn away from any activity that is specified as sinful in the Bible. This includes ALL sexual sin as fornication, adultery, and homosexuality.

The popularity of sexual sins does not legitimize the behavior or if you happen to have a family member that practices an immoral activity. There is a popular notion that because a family member partakes in behavior classified as sin in the Bible, there is a consistent theme of accepting and sanctioning activity. This is a tough assignment since this is where Boynes’ teaching of “compassion without compromise” comes in.

The unhealthy result of the gay lifestyle rarely is discussed from a life expectancy standpoint. Homosexual females have about 57-years as an average lifespan which is far removed from the 79-years expected for females in general. The same is true for males who have a life expectancy of about 54-years if they practice the gay lifestyle and 75-years for the general males in the population.

The stress involved in dealing with homosexuality can manifest physical medical problems or mental depression which can lead to suicide.

The incentives to avoid the bondage of homosexuality that Boynes describes are genuine. The desire to change and support decisions that face gays wanting to have a viable alternative is a task the church should be willing and able to assist. Boynes offers real suggestions that can help those that desire to change to make that transition to make more healthy life decisions.

The ability to make changes through the power of Jesus Christ has been demonstrated before in a wide variety of areas. Signs and wonders are suppose to follow those that believe, and if the authority of Jesus’ Name has raised the dead, given sight to the blind, given hearing to the deaf, or cast out demons, one can be sure that the same anointing can invoke change in behavior to redirect desires to those of the opposite sex. There have been higher mountains climbed and wider rivers forged.

As with any other bondage, there needs to be an authentic desire to change.

Being able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me is an attribute to faith that is a consistent theme throughout the New Testament.

The testimony of Janet Boynes is one of hundreds concerning those that have successfully left the gay lifestyle and maintain that decision by keeping their minds stayed on Jesus. It sounds simplistic, but it works for the hundreds if not thousands that have a word of testimony to substantiate what Christ has done.

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