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There is controversy surrounding Justin Bieber's love of hot women

Justin Bieber has continued to remain popular worldwide in spite of his many legal problems due to alleged misbehavior. His own feelings that his entertaining is an art form which should be appreciated for what that represents seems to be holding up with his tens of millions of fans worldwide who also seem to feel the police have been unfairly rough on him for simply playing some pranks now and than. Throughout the controversy Bieber has maintained his love of women and he seems to really like spending time with hot girls reports TVNZ on August 5, 2014.

 Honoree Justin Bieber attends the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards brought to you by Samsung Galaxy at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California
Photo by Ari Perilstein

Unfortunately it appears some young women were angered by Bieber's preference for hot girls at Ibiza's Amnesia nightclub over the weekend. Sources claim Bieber's team was handpicking women from the crowd to request that they join him at his VIP balcony area and insisted that they leave their friends behind if Bieber didn't feel they were pretty enough. The sources say Justin was in some manner causing trouble by having his entourage walk around the main club floor and selecting hot girls to be asked to come with them if they wanted to party with Bieber.

Some of the girls are said to have been told to come along by themselves because their friends were not hot enough for Bieber. In all fairness to Bieber this story paints a picture of someone on is team doing this. It is also alleged this all seemed strange because Bieber stood around and didn't even speak to some of the women who joined him. Than again most men and women enjoy the music and some dancing instead of trying to scream louder than the music to talk to each other on the dance floor of night clubs.

On the brighter side of things for a Bieber besieged with aggravation from what really has the appearance of a witch hunt, his song "Baby" has saved a Russian man from a bear attack reports Yahoo News. Bieber's song "Baby" has proven to have more power than simply attracting women. It has proven to also be a bear repellent.

A bear recently attacked Igor Vorozhbitsyn while he was fishing in northern Russia's Yakutia Republic. Vorozhbitsyn thought he was as good as dead when the bear clawed at him. Than his mobile phone went off and the ringtone which was Bieber's popular song "Baby" caused the bear to run away. Vorozhbitsyn says the bear jumped him from behind. He couldn't believe his luck when the phone went off and the bear was startled and fled. His granddaughter had loaded it onto his phone for a joke which ended up saving his life.

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