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There is a profound difference between indoctrination and education

The distinctive of education instead of indoctrination can be woefully lacking in our school systems.
The distinctive of education instead of indoctrination can be woefully lacking in our school systems.

A Wisconsin school district profoundly apologized for showing a one sided video regarding same sex marriage and attacked the religious views that were for traditional marriage. The video message promoted the correct way to think on a controversial social issue instead of presenting the facts to educate the students.

A religious freedom advocacy group called the Alliance Defending Freedom commended the Janesville School District in Wisconsin for taking ownership of the educational misstep that probably violated the Academic Freedom and Controversial Issues of their own Classroom Policies. A letter went out to the parents apologizing for the breech in trust.

Last month students at Craig High School were shown a video that promoted same sex marriage and condemned supporters of marriage between one man and one woman. The video showed students using comments as “insane” and “outrageous” that only 14 states allowed same sex marriage.

What was particularly disturbing was the video disparaging Christian views objecting to same sex marriage with callous comments as “cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it, nobody likes you, and no one cares what you think”.

"Schoolchildren should receive an education that is free from ideological or political bias, and that does not disparage any of their beliefs," said Alliance Defending Freedom senior legal counsel Jeremy Tedesco in an interview with the “Christian Post”.

Tedesco added, "Student indoctrination is inappropriate, especially on an issue as important as marriage. Students and parents deserve better. The district recognized its mistake and deserves to be commended."

Much of our education system is for indoctrinating students to a political proper way to think on issues instead of providing pertinent information which allows students to make the decision on their own. The discrepancy between indoctrination and education was acknowledged by the school district.

Forcing a cultural perspective on school children is something that should not be done at the educational level because students and parents deserve better.

Devaluing religious opinions of others is a common political ploy and the video promoting same sex marriage clearly demonstrating a general disregard for religious values.

In the letter to parents that corrected the error of showing the pro same sex marriage video, it stated that the “Board of Education recognizes students’ ‘right to receive competent instruction in an atmosphere free from bias and prejudice’”.

The letter also reaffirmed that teachers have the right to express their own viewpoints and opinions, but they do not have the right to indoctrinate students.

Legal counsel Jonathan Scruggs of the ADF stipulated, “Schools are wise to take an unbiased and objective approach when teaching about controversial social issues. We commend the district for recognizing that the one-sided, anti-religious same sex marriage video shown in class violated its policies and undermined parental authority. We hope more school districts follow their lead.”

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