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There is a price for freedom

We live in a land of abundant opportunity, though that may be diminishing. We have people from all over God's green earth wanting to come here and settle. Unfortunately, there are a few who are making the word immigrants an obscene name. Take for instance the criminals crossing the border along our southern gateway. Rather than come through the welcoming gates like civilized people, they come through fences, ford rivers, or even fly under the radar. They choose to mingle with us, steal our identity to apply for welfare, social security, and even disability from our tax dollars. They are also irresponsible parents who criminally abandon their children at our borders in hopes that somebody “will claim them as their own”. Then the federal government gets involved with this “child trafficking” scheme, supposedly because they have a big heart. Now, I have a question, actually several, that I think are important ones. How do these parents know if they will ever see their children again? How do they know that a pedophile will not claim their children, use them, then kill them? How do we know that this is not a scheme of terrorists to try to topple our way of life? And how do they know (the parents) that their children will not forgive them for dropping them off at “some stranger's door”? And how do we, the American citizens, know it is not the plot of the democrats to destabilize the government and our economy? These are legitimate questions that we need answers for, otherwise the democrats, and some republicans, will not see the halls of congress again.

This is a free country, but the freedoms that we have only belong to the citizens of this country. That is an implied statement meant by our founding fathers. They didn't say anybody and everybody without citizenship have these same freedoms. A citizen, by definition is a: “legal resident of country: somebody who has the right to live in a country because he or she was born there or has been legally accepted as a permanent resident” (Bing Dictionary). If they didn't pay into social security, they don't have any coming to them in their old age. If they didn't pay taxes, they don't get welfare, food stamps, any financial or social help entitled to the citizens of the country. They have no legal rights, or Miranda rights, or any rights afforded to the citizens of that country. I mean after all, we would not get something for nothing in any other country, so why here? Freedom is bought and paid for by the legal citizens of the United States; bought and paid for by citizens who have pledged allegiance to this country, and defended it at great risk. Who are these people who come into this country and eat our foods, use our healthcare, enjoy our freedoms without as much as paying for the services? Who are these people who say they love the United States of America, but refuse to become citizens?

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, we should take the time to remember those who fought so valiantly for these freedoms, and who sacrificed their lives and well being to give us the greatest country in the world to live in. If we could just set aside the beer and barbecue long enough to meditate on what we have to be thankful for. We have all the freedoms of religion, assembly, to bear arms, free speech, freedom of the press and much more that we have been taking granted. Now, more than ever, we are threatened with these freedoms being taken away. If you are serious about your free country, if you love your country, then get out of the back seat and into the driver's seat to defend and uphold the Constitution of these United States. No one else will do it. But if you do it, we stand united against all the evil the world is throwing at us. Remember, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE, IT COMES WITH A PRICE

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