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There is a power in the Universe you can use

…so declares ~Ernest Holmes

We are capable of healing any hurt, wound or pain and we’re capable of rising above guilt, shame, blame and any belief created out of our past experiences and perceptions. This is because our trained (spiritual) thought is more powerful than anything unconscious or subconscious. Our intentions to release that which no longer serves, self-forgive, and love unconditionally, are the most powerful healing agents we have. More than just a cure; this is the power of mind in action. Greater than positive thinking, the conscious use of Universal Law is our power to bring heaven to earth and live in answered prayer.

Begin by creating an image (the mold) in your mind, see it already done and complete, then allow the corresponding Law to attach to that mental image. This creates the corresponding effect in your physical world. These results may be immediate or it may take a while, yet be assured, that if the image is good and strong, its equivalent in form is guaranteed and done! This is Law and the power in the Universe that we can use

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