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There is a new vampire in town and Henry is his name!


  • Sue (Suzq22) 6 years ago

    Oh My Henry is right!
    Kyle as Henry is definitiely the sexiest "fangs" down (yeah I had to go there, LoL!).
    He has emcompassed and portrayed the qualities in Henry of what we women want. And mind you, Kyle was only 22 yrs old when he was portraying Henry, and made us believe he was indeed a 450yr old vampire.
    He clearly has the skill (in my opinion) not only to portray a vampire like Henry, but prob Lestat too!
    And it's great to hear/read that you'll be discovering more of Henry like we did. And when you've come to the end of what should have been a continued season, then I'd like to recommend viewing some of the fan made vids on youtube... although they might make you miss the show and Henry more!

  • MaySan 6 years ago

    Got introdused to Henry/Kyle only a month ago but got totaly taken by him. He is realy sexy, fun, kind and sweet. The best vampire ever basicly.

    Kyle you are the best,good luck to you this year - we love you!!

  • Lorraine 6 years ago

    I am so happy that Kyle has won I also own Blood Ties it is one of the best vamprie show around to bad it's no longer on. So Iam glad that some one has finale notice that Kyle is the most sexiest vampire around. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Maggie May 6 years ago

    Thanks Raelynn for giving Kyle's fans the opportunity to tell everyone what we knew a long time ago, how truly special Kyle Schmid is. He's a young actor with a TON of potential and truly a nice guy. As Madonna mentioned in one of the previous posts-he and some friends are responsible for creating the Love Cures Cancer organization which is totally non-profit. And we're glad to count you among his many fans. THANKS AGAIN.

  • Lady Bird 6 years ago

    Kyle Schmid was a fantastic vampire! As a lover of the Tanya Huff Blood Books, when I first saw who they'd chosen for Henry, I just didn't get it but then I watched the show. All I have to say is WOW! He was perfect.

    If only a real network would have picked up the show. lifetime never planned for this show to survive. That was especially apparent when they chose to show the last two episodes online instead of on TV as it was originally scheduled.

    Not everyone can get on the internet or has enough bandwidth available to watch on their computer. It was obvious that they just wanted to get rid of it. Now it's unlikely that we'll ever see that cast together again and I can't imagine anyone else in those roles.

    Go Blood Ties!!

  • Vampire Examiner 6 years ago

    I'm hooked! Bought the dvd's yesterday and I just finished Episode 8 of season one (Heart of Fire). How in the world did I not know about this show? We really need this show back! :)

  • ms.laurel 6 years ago

    Glad to see there are more fans joining the Blood Ties following. Henry Fitzroy is my favorite vampire ever, and Kyle was the perfect fit to play the forever young prince. Tanya wrote a great set of characters and Kyle Schmid, Christina Cox and Dylan Neal played them to perfection.
    If only they had managed a longer run. *sigh*

  • Cylver 6 years ago

    Kyle Schmid was perfectly cast in the role of Henry, and his portrayal was, simply put, the best of the best!
    Tanya Huff wrote a wonderful series of books, and the creators of Blood Ties did a great job bringing the series to the screen. There were so many directions the show could have gone given another season; it had such great potential, and it kills me to think we'll never know what might have happened next!

  • LEMOR DAVIDOVICI 6 years ago

    i think henry fitzroy AKA : kyle schmid would be a great vampire in either true blood & in vampire diaries this guy is a sexy hunk.

  • Daz 6 years ago

    Why in the world is Taylor Lautner on this list?!?!

  • MG 6 years ago

    Daz, are you saying this because you don't think he's sexy, or because you didn't read the article and you want to know why someone who isn't a vampire is on the list? If it is the latter, the poll wasn't just for vampires.

  • ?? 6 years ago

    ????????????Kyle??Blood Ties?????????

  • QQ 6 years ago

    By chance, I saw Blood ties in the internet.
    I have watched many vampire movies and vampire television series, I think Kyle was the best vampire in this realm.
    I like Blood ties and Kyle schmid, I hope Blood ties can show in Taiwan.

  • eee 3 years ago

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