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There is a good reason we call it the 'Obama Regime'

Why we call The Obama Regime, The Obama Regime
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Liberals and progressives come unhinged when they hear many of us on the right quite routinely refer to the illegitimate presidential administration of their beloved Barack Obama as the “Obama Regime.” But there's a very good reason, or more than one reason, why so many of refer to the executive branch of the government right now as a “Regime.” As unpopular as Congress is, we don't call it a regime because it has been legitimately elected by the people, other than perhaps a few of the Senate seats, and a few House seats, stolen by the Democrats through voter fraud or their odious election theft of close elections via their rigged “recount” procedures run by Democrat-controlled boards.

The Regime obtained another four years in power last Fall through an election that was cheated and rigged through massive voter fraud in the key swing states and huge suppression of the vote on the right through the IRS suppression of the TEA party and conservative groups, the vicious slandering via television and radio ads of Mitt Romney designed to convince voters to stay home rather than turn out to vote for Romney, and intiimidation in some places of voters like what the New Black Panther Party did in Philadelphia in 2008 that the Regime made sure was not prosecuted.

Additionally, the 2008 Obama campaign engaged in massive voter fraud, thanks to all the help from ACORN and related organizations on the far left, and while it can be argued whether or not the weak campaign of John McCain could have or would have won that election, the Democrats did enhance the results with massive voter fraud.

And this was after Barack Obama essentially stole the Democrat nomination for president, in 2008, from Hillary via massive voter fraud in the primary process. The Obama campaign was quite effective in cheating in the caucus states, which he won just about all of those over Hillary (starting with Iowa) by busing far left rent-a-mobs to the caucuses to voter regardless of whether they were legitimate registered voters or not. While Hillary was not entirely innocent (busing in Massachusetts, New York and Vermont voters into New Hampshire to register and vote in the primary there, for example), by far most of the fraud committed in the 2008 nomination process was done by the Obama campaign.

Not only has Obama illegitimately gain the office of president, he has illegitimately abused the power of the office of president. Barack Obama and this Regime have been the most lawless and law-breaking in the country. Obama decided he didn't like the Defense of Marriage Act, so he illegally decided he wouldn't enforce it. Obama decided he didn't agree with the ruling of a federal judge concerning oil drilling after the spill off-shore near Lousiana, so he refused to abide by that federal court order. Obama has decided unilaterally and illegally that he wanted to post-pone implementing certain parts of ObamaCare, so he has just done so, without approval from Congress.

Obama has violated the Constitution in more areas then there are to mention here, but recently Senator Ted Cruz published a list of 76 of them. Some of them include firing the CEO of General Motors and massively abusing his power of executive orders to rule on matters in the White House that should be decided by the Congress.

In the last State of the Union Address, Obama made it clear that if Congress didn't act on the issues he wanted acted on, and pass bills he wanted pass, he would do it without them by acting like a dictator in the White House. He think he is one, and many on the far left have been urgning him to act like a dictator and circumvent the Congress and what ever he and the far left want done. There is even a book by Phil Kerpen titled Democracy Denied: How Obama is Ignoring You and Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America - and How to Stop Him that documents this abuse of the process by the Regime.

In short, the president was illegitimately elected and has by far exceeeded his Constitutional authority and has governed illegitimately. For those reasons, he heads up what is very much not a small-d democratic administration but a lawless and illegitimately in power Regime. This is not an administation of a government of a free people, this is a Regime installed by election-theft by a cabal of left wing extremists that would never have been elected in free and fair elections by informed voters.

If it is still possible, we the people must do everything we can legally and politically to insure that the Obama Regime is not replaced by another far left Regime presided over by another president who wants to govern like the late Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela.

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