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There is a concerted campaign to demonize Christianity

Christianity is being distorted by false accusation, gross deception, and just plain lies.
Christianity is being distorted by false accusation, gross deception, and just plain lies.

It always starts innocent enough. First there is that gentle ribbing. Then there are the jokes. Then the deserved criticism. Then there is the manufactured and unsubstantiated criticism. Then come the false accusations along with persecution. Next are the solutions to “protect” those from Christianity.

The spirit of the anti-Christ is at work as predicted in the Bible. One qualifies as being “anti-Christ” by merely opposing what Jesus Christ stands for. You don’t necessarily have to have a “666” branded somewhere on your head which identifies the beast in Daniel and Revelation.

One of the best ways to consolidate hatred is to create a crisis, then have a solution ready to go in the background.

During the years before World War 2 the Nazi needed a scapegoat and a boogeyman to foster a conspiracy which the Jews could be blamed. As evil and diabolical as this effort was, it was extremely successful. When it came time for the “Final Solution”, you had people falling all over themselves to assist in Adolph Hitler’s master plan.

The same spirit of hatred exists everywhere. It just needs to be fanned by the winds of discontent, and have a hateful slogan to help generate a frenzy.

“It can’t happen here” someone with ignorance will articulate. Well, guess what?….it already has.

Also during World War 2 one of the most shameful chapters in America history was perpetrated against Japanese-Americans who were declared “guilty” of merely being of Japanese ancestry. You had German-Americans in the United States, but they did not have to worry about being scrutinized because they were the correct race. Ten of thousands of loyal Americans of Japanese ethnicity were railroaded off to concentration camps so they could be “watched”. Paranoia produces pitiful performances.

Notice the same paranoid attitude is present regarding those attacking Christianity. Absolute garbage of lies are being whispered by those with a lack of understanding or just plain hatred of Christianity.

Christians are wanting to make America a theocracy. Christians are forcing their religion on us. Christian churches don’t pay taxes. The Christians are like the Taliban. Christians are violent and terrorists just like Hamas and worse. You can continue to go on and on with this mindless dribble of accusations.

There are scandals enough that plague the churches that legitimately need to be dealt with and corrected. There are people fleecing their congregations of finances. There are radical Christians using violence against the abortion industry. As with any line of work, there are those seeking to take advantage of their position.

All one would have to do is to be marginally fair and honesty know that these morally bankrupt individuals pretending to be Christians are in the vast minority of believers. For every Westboro Baptist Church, there are thousands of Christian churches striving to do the right thing. For every Catholic priest arrested for child molestation, there are thousands of priests living sacrificially and showing the true love of Christ.

Haters of Christianity are looking for the worst examples of human behavior and claim Christianity is the cause of it. The horrific examples are propped up as though it was the standard operating procedure of the church of Jesus Christ.

These exceptions to true Christian standards are being glorified on many websites that have an axe to grind against Christianity of religion. People claiming to be Christians and are probably counterfeit anyway are vocalizing nasty diatribe to discredit Christianity which is despised by these impostors.

Fortunately these pretenders expose themselves for the most part due to their lack of knowledge to the Christian religion they claim to know all about. Unfortunately there are many that do not know any better and are being deceived.

Jesus warned not to be deceived, however there is a woeful lack of understanding of religious principles by a nation that has bypassed Christian teaching in Sunday School. Add to it the confusing number of denominations that claim the Christian doctrine and it is no surprise there is so much confusion.

Jealousy and envy can be motivation enough when dealing with human emotions. This country has had several centuries head start injecting religious principles, from the Puritans and Pilgrims, to the originating 13 colonies that basically were Christian denominations transplanted from the oppression of the Church of England in Europe. This oppression against religious freedom is rearing its ugly head in America.

Haters of Christianity do not want to practice this religion which is fine, but these hypocrites do not want others to practice Christianity either under their smokescreen of free thought. Although the US Constitution guarantees “freedom of religion”, these liars that cling to the perversion of the truth claim the law of the land stipulates “freedom from religion”.

As the Supreme Court decisions are showing, it is not the Christians we need to worry about, it is the haters of religion that are attempting to pass the laws that abridge freedom.

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