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There Are Twenty One Ways To Do...Your Job?

Push Up
Push Up
Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

A simple everyday push up. The classic push up has you place your hands flat and directly on the floor with your shoulders directly above your hands and your body in a flat plank position with your legs out and feet on your toes. You then lower your body and your chest gets within a few inches of the deck, while your body remains in the straight position, and then you push up to plank position and then repeat. A fairly effective exercise with the addition of either conducting one hundred repetitions in a row or working this simple push up into sets and then count down or count up drills.

What does this have to do with my job, my career or anything to do with my workplace?

Here is the point so either listen up or drop and give me twenty!

As you see from reading the above the standard simple basic push up may be utilized just the way it is to create an entire workout around this one simple exercise.

Now what if you were told there are in fact twenty one ways to do a push up?

  1. Yoga push up
  2. Basketball push up
  3. pec flies push up
  4. Maltese push up
  5. Atlas push up
  6. ‘T’ push up
  7. Chinese push up
  8. Staggered hands push up
  9. Full Planche
  10. Boxer push up
  11. Hindu Push up
  12. S & M push up
  13. Gecko push up
  14. Handstand push up
  15. Spiderman’s
  16. Speed push up
  17. Panda push up
  18. One-Arm push up
  19. Clapping push up
  20. Inverse push up
  21. Back of the hands push up

There are twenty one other ways to perform the push up. This is in addition to the basic, simple, straight forward position for a push up described earlier. Each of these other twenty one ways to do a push up works on a different muscle group or adds in a new muscle group or balance or some other aspect to work the body and the mind in another way when compared to the basic push up.

How many ways are there to conduct your job? If another person with other skill sets than you stepped into your job how many other ways might they find to do the work you currently perform and potentially in a more efficient manner? Are you stuck in how you think about your work? Are you failing to lead your people, your employees, your most valuable aspect of your company? Isn’t it time to take a truthful and honest look at yourself in the mirror and take some notes and make some changes?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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