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There are special messages in a cat’s eye color

Behold my eyes
Behold my eyes
Karla Kirby

Unlike canines, felines have particular abilities and talents to be able to see better because of the way they can focus on tiny amounts of light at a time. This unique ability can help your cat to be able to see in the dark when most of us--including dogs, cannot.

If you have had your cat from the time it was a little kitten, you may not only notice kitty’s astonishing vision capabilities but also the color changing processes from the time you brought your cat home. When a kitten is born, the eyes will probably be blue. As the sight of your kitten takes place, the eyes may change to varying colors. To conclude, between the ages of three and eight weeks of age, your feline may have eyes that are flecked with colors of mixed yellows, browns, oranges, amber and green.

If your older cat has blue eyes, unless he/she is Siamese or another breed that is supposed to have blue eyes, it may be a sign of medical issues or blindness. See a veterinarian to be sure if you think this may be the problem.

Once your kitten's eyes have changed the color of their eyes, pay close attention to any other occurrence of color change, in particular a rapid change can serve as an indicator of a medical issue. It’s up to you to notice if your new kitten is facing any problems with vision because kitty cannot tell you verbally.

With the change in color of your cat, it can indicate something as simple as an eye infection which is easy enough to treat. It can also point out more serious conditions such as Uveitis. Uveitis is an inflammation of the eyeball which, if left untreated, can lead to lasting eye damage and blindness. Felines affected with Uveitis will have eyes in abnormal colors of yellow and orange.

Furthermore, if you become aware of your cats' eyes suddenly a darker yellow or unusual brown color; this can also denote that your cat is suffering other major health issues. When your cats' eyes go through these kinds of color changes, it is an indicative of a buildup of red blood cells in the eyeball. This occurrence may be a trauma to the eyes, a consequence of an infection, or feline leukemia or AIDS.

Getting your cat the help that is needed is dependent upon your knowledge of how your cats' eye colors change and why and what the different colors mean. If your cat's eyes change colors out of the blue, gather as much information as you can about your cat's health and call your veterinarian at once. Your knowledge and observations of your cat will help to guarantee that your veterinarian is able to identify and treat any underlying medical condition accountable for the change in eye color.

Let your cat keep the wonderful sense of sight.

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