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There are plenty of snowballs after winter.

Old Fashioned snowball bush blooms with crisp white blooms that look like small hydrangea blooms and stand out nicely against the bright green foliage. This same foliage later colors nicely for autumn.
GreenArt Landscape Design of West Hollywood

Like small, clear white hydrangea blooms, the round, three inch wide floral trusses of snowball bush,Viburnum opulus 'Roseum', are composed of many smaller flowers. Unlike hydrangeas that bloom after vegetative (stem and foliar) growth, snowball bush blooms early, so that as it finishes, deteriorating blooms will be obscured by soft green foliage before anyone notices. The distinctively lobed, three inch wide leaves get quite colorful in autumn. Snowball bush should not be shorn, but can instead be pruned aggressively while bare in winter. Older or obtrusively tall stems should be pruned to the ground where possible. Good sun exposure without too much reflected glare or heat promotes bloom and autumn foliar color. Mature plants can get ten feet tall and nearly as broad.

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