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There are plenty of indoor activities to do in the winter

Branch Brook Park looks different after a snowfall.
Branch Brook Park looks different after a snowfall.
Lucy Santos

There are many snowflakes falling this February. Across the United States, we have had more snow than usual and winter is not even over yet. For many children, the snow has been delightful as they have had snow holidays. Youngsters have made snowmen and snowballs. They have also enjoyed sledding. However, for most adults, even those who love the winter, they see the record snowfall as a nuisance. After all, the snow makes driving dangerous as they roads become slippery due to the icy conditions. It is more difficult to take public transportation with the snow piled so close to the sidewalks. Going to work is quite an adventure for commuters with all that white stuff.
The outdoor chores that home and business owners must engage in is shoveling snow, which is good exercise. In Newark, New Jersey, one can hear the people shoveling the snow that just keeps coming and does not seem to stop. While there is a blizzard and the weather conditions are treacherous, there are various activities that we can do to fight off the cabin fever.

Here are some ideas to have fun indoors during the winter. Make the night of the blizzard a fun family movie night. You can also engage in creative activities such as crafts, drawing or painting. Those who want to keep their minds sharp can complete brainteasers.

Use music to forget the storm and simply relax. You can simply listen to your favorite songs, sing aloud and play an instrument. Gather the family together and have a karaoke contest.

Those who love to cook can make delicious baked goods in the oven. Eating these foods will give you the energy to shovel the snow the following morning after the storm.

Try not to look outside your window to watch the snowflakes fall, for you should forget about the storm. Instead, envision the green leaves of the trees, the green grass and the blooming flowers. Spring will arrive.

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