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There are many awesome uses for common tinfoil

Tinfoil has many uses. While most people use it for cooking their thanksgiving turkey and storing leftovers there a number of other uses that makes this household product worth adding to your emergency preparedness plans. Here are 10 favorite uses.

My friends at the ready store, recommends the following 10 awesome uses for tinfoil.

  1. Sharpens scissors

Yes, you read that right to do it you will first need to smooth the foil out followed by folding the sheets into strips making several layers. Grab your scissors and start cutting eight or nine passes over the foil sheet should do the trick. Similar to dangling a CD disk from a branch, you can dangle strips of tinfoil from the limbs with fishing line. The light reflections scare the birds so they will simply go somewhere else. My family in Texas have been using this technique to keep their peach trees bird free for many years now.

  1. Clean jewelry and silverware

Line a bowl with aluminum foil and fill it up with hot water. Next add 1 tablespoon of bleach free powdered not liquid laundry detergent. Then simply place the jewelry or silverware in the solution for one minute. After the time is past remove the items, rinse in water, and then lay out to air dry. The icon exchange chemical process cleans your items all by itself.

  1. Keep Birds Away From Your Fruit Trees

Tinfoil has many uses while most people use it for cooking and storing leftovers there a number of other uses that make this household product worth adding to your emergency preparedness plans here are our 10 favorite uses.

  1. Clean your grill

After the last burger has been pulled off the grill lay a flat sheet of tinfoil over the grill. This will help redirect the heat passing through the grill back through it a second time. Leave the foil on the grill until the next use when you simply want the foil into a ball and run it back and forth against the tough burnt on grease from against the will like you would with a wire brush.

  1. Lure a fish

I grew up fishing in a little pond near my home. We would take my dad’s gear and catch bluegill. The only downside of the trips were when lawyers would get snagged and we had to cut the line.

After a little while we realized this particular fish wasn’t all that smart. We could simply throw in an empty silver or gold colored treble hook unburied and they would still strike. We noticed over time that the brighter the reflection from the book the more bluegills and cropping would come.

Using this concept you could take tinfoil and attach small wads near a swivel then run a short leader with your look or ruler of choice. The extra reflection at least with this species of fish would bring even more attention to your offering.

  1. Keep matches dry

Wrap your matches and aluminum foil. Stuff them in your pack and the next time you need a reliable way to light a fire, pull out the dry matches and get that fire going. No more worrying if the matches are wet from the thunderstorm that just passed.

  1. Make a funnel

Need to route liquid into a certain spot such as adding oil to an engine block? Sure you can buy a plastic funnel for a couple bucks but you could also tear will off 10 inches of foil and mold it into a funnel shape and use aluminum foil instead.

  1. Make a frying pan

Don’t want to lug a heavy frying pan and that’s time you venturing into the great outdoors? Grab a branch that forks, tear off a sheet of tinfoil a little wider than the width of the forking branches then wrapped the end around the two limbs to create a flat pan like surface in between the two branches. If the food items you are cooking are not too heavy you can hope for the food above fire, if it is too heavy rains to burning wood to a flatter than more the than the frying pan onto the top logs.

  1. Campfire cooking

Most people reading this have probably had the privilege of making a tinfoil BBQ dinner. If not give this a try. Simply pull a place chicken or ground beef in the shape of Patty in the middle of a sheet of tinfoil. Next add carrots, onions, potatoes, other veggies, and season to taste. A helpful tip is to cut the veggie stand so all of the items are good to eat at the same time. Next full the hands of the foil over the food, in turn pressing it entirely. Flip the silver puck over and put another layer of tinfoil folding it back over the other way. The multiple layers will make sure the food doesn’t burn. Cook time should be 20 to 30 minutes in the coals.

  1. Build a seed incubator

Help jump start your gardening. Line a shoebox or other similar shaped box with the foil shiny side up making sure the foil extends a couple of inches past the top of the box. Next poke a couple drainage holes in the bottom of the foil. Next fill the box about halfway with potting soil and plant your seeds. Place the box near a window that gets good amounts of sunlight. It works because the inside layer will redirect heat to the seeds while the foil layer extending past the top of the box will help redirect sunlight back into the box.

These are just 10 uses for tinfoil but we know there are hundreds more so we would love your sharing with us your favorite applications.

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