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There are journalists with ethics after all!

Wow! Russia Today (RT) news anchor Liz Wahl expressed her disapproval of Russia's actions in the Ukraine in the only way an employee of a Russian propaganda network could. She resigned while live on air. Don't know how she got away with it. Fortunately for her she lives and works in the U.S. so it is not likely the KGB will be visiting her at home. If she lived in Russia, she might be facing what has already happened to 220 Russian journalists since 1991:a bullet in the head. That's right, 220 Russian journalists assassinated since the emergence of "democracy" in Russia. Some democracy.

The one that got everyone's attention though was the assassination of Anna Poliskayana. CNN's Christiane Amanpour described the case:

Anna Politkovskaya became a reporter for the newspaper "Noviya Gazetta." In her book, she blasted President Vladimir Putin for snuffing out Russia's democracy. As the most vociferous critic of Russia's brutal war in Chechnya, the breakaway republic, Politkovskaya investigated the corruption of local leaders installed by Russia and the terrible price paid by civilians in the pacification campaign.

In her diary, she agonized over the indifference to the victims of the spreading war, who were calling her because one was listening.

In this entry at 11:00 p.m. she wrote, "Women were screaming into the telephone, help us do something. We're lying on the floor with the children. I could hear the rattle of rifle fire."

Putin's government didn't want the public receiving any more bad news about Chechnya and Anna's voice was increasingly isolated. On October 7, 2006, it was silenced forever. These CCTV cameras showed that Anna was followed into the lobby of her apartment building where she was shot four times at point blank range.

There is a surreal movement afoot in America today. Some conservatives are actually adulating Putin for supposedly being - get ready to laugh - a Christian! He actually said this to a pool of obviously staged Russian TV reporters. If there was ever a barometer to measure epidemic national insanity, this is it. Supposedly, he and Syria's Bashir Assad are protecting Christians in Syria. How could that be? Christians are being slaughtered at an unprecedented rate in Syria today. If he and Assad were so intent on saving Christians, why have none of their towns been protected from attack by these rag tag bands of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists? He got the biggest boost in credibility by denouncing gays just prior to the winter Olympics in Socci. This was certainly for Western consumption. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of history knows that gays have been ruthlessly suppressed in Russia and the Soviet Union, though they keep some around as potential honey traps for Westerners the secret police are trying to compromise.

In Russia the church is controlled by the secret police. It always has been. Pre-Soviet Russia had over 50,000 Russian Orthodox parishes. Read Disinformation by Romanian defector, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa to get the whole story.After Stalin got through with them there were 500, and their priests were covert KGB informers or agents. That is the only reason they stayed alive. Hundreds of thousands went to a grisly doom. One particularly gruesome method the KGB thugs enjoyed was to give priests communion with molten lead. Russian leaders find little to fear from the Church these days. But killing journalists has become a necessity. Little has changed in post-Soviet Russia. The monsters are still in control, only now they call themselves "Democrats." The top "Democrat" is Russia's Mobster-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin.

Watch this RT reporter's resignation speech posted here. This is good stuff and she should get cudos for putting principle over profit. A rare enough thing in society at large, it is almost unheard of among the corrupt, anti-American journalist class in America today, where journalistic ethics is a contradiction in terms.

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