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How dolls can be educationally comforting to children?

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Greetings to New York doll collectors and doll collectors all around the world.

I wanted to talk to you about how dolls can be educationally comforting. Just to create a setting for you; think back, when you may have heard or seen, a child using a doll to communicate his or her own feelings and thoughts; Picture a child sitting on the floor or at a small round table, having, at home, a pretend tea party. And then notice, how the child engages in a lofty conversation of pretty clothes, work, neighbors, (whatever children talk about these days) at the pretend tea parties, with his or her doll pals.

Although children may not realize this, they are practicing the great art of conversation and relating. Dolls can be so comforting to children. They are pals that can go with them, virtually everywhere and can be a big help in many parts of their childhood development. And what is that, do you ask? I'll explain.

I visited the Patty Cake Doll Company website and found some interesting dolls that were made to help a child in his or her own childhood development. Such as, dolls that look like the child; making him or her feel happy that there is a wonderful pal that shares his or her own features or attributes. Or having dolls that represent changes that go on, in his or her childhood life. Like what, do you ask? Potty training is a good example.

By having a doll, that represents potty training as normal; what may prove challenging to a child, can become less frightening or demanding. Especially, when a child has his or her doll demonstrating, that "it will be ok" and that it won't be so bad. Now, of course this doesn't replace help from a loving parent or parents. But a doll can truly be a great assistant.

Educationally comforting. What a revelation for young ones.

View Patty Cake Doll Company potty training doll.

Visit Patty Cake Dolls on their website. Patty Cake Dolls is located in Fayetteville, New York.