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There are 7 P's to Greatness: Get your Mind Right

There are 7 P's to help you get going!
Dana Neal

When you are spiritually connected with the Lord, when you have a real relationship not hidden by religion, you know what you have to start and end your day with prayer. I believe that prayer gets you started, and keeps you thanking the LORD daily, but it is what is in between those prayers that help you along the way and give you a chance to achieve greatness!

The 7 P's to greatness, is a book I wrote, some years ago, to help people realize that you have to have some type of structure to get started (daily) and to accomplish more than one goal in life.

  1. Prayer-get directions from the Lord
  2. Planning- take those directions and set some goals
  3. Preparedness- take the goals and apply them
  4. Perseverance -be diligent in your application
  5. Positive Affirmations- encourage yourself
  6. on Point - stay on task
  7. Prayer (you can never have too much prayer)- thank the Lord

When you look at these 7 P's to Greatness, you realize that you are just two more steps ahead of the person who doesn't pray at any time during their day. Are you ready to achieve your best end result?

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