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Therapy Dog of the Week: Dash the Italian Greyhound

At one of the Love Dog events
At one of the Love Dog events

Dash is our Therapy Dog of the Week and he has a very interesting story to tell.

Dash at work in his favorite school

Dash's first owner had many dogs and she thought they could hurt Dash because he was so tiny and fragile. Dash loved the children in the family but they just did not have the time for a dog like Dash. They had never had an Italian Greyhound and did not understand what kind of dog Dash was. Such as it was not easy to potty train him and he was FAST!

Dash was left alone for many hours during the day and he became very sad. Then a very nice lady offered to take him for walks every day and they became good friends. Dash also loved this woman's other dogs and felt like a part of this family more than his own.

Over time Dash spent more and more time with his "adopted" family and one day it was just organic that Dash stay with his beloved friend, Leslie. And that is how Dash joined Leslie and her other dogs.

Leslie soon discovered very interesting things about the breed. Such as they love to burrow under things such as blankets and they also love to jump over things, even sleeping dogs! Yes they can be more challenging to potty train but persistence and patience paid off.

Dash is a shy dog, but once he gets to know you, he is a loyal friend. Dash and Leslie are part of the Love Dog Adventures animal assisted therapy team in Las Vegas and work with schools and other initiatives throughout the year. Dash particularly loves attending the same class throughout the school year and is most loving with "his" kids. He also loves being part of the Be Cool, Not Cruel anti-bully program and visiting new schools with many other Love Dogs.

Dash's mom is an animal advocate and always appreciates the opportunity to educate the public about animal welfare.

Congratulations to Dash, our Therapy Dog of the Week.