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Therapy Dog of the Week: Dandy

Kit and Dandy

This week we celebrate an honorary Love Dog therapy team, Kit and Dandy. Dandy is a five year old Goldendoodle who has passed the Pet Partner evaluation as a Complex team. This means they can go anywhere and everywhere and have the highest skill level at both ends of the leash.

They were introduced to me when they needed their re-evaluation conducted and there was no Pet Partner Evaluator where they live in Arizona. Pet Partners therapy program requires a full re-evaluation every two years or your membership, insurance expires, thus you not volunteer. And we certainly did not want any time to lapse for this wonderful team.

So they traveled to Las Vegas and it was a remarkable experience meeting them both.

Kit and Dandy volunteer regularly with hospice and children and are well known in the animal therapy community. Kit and Dandy also dance! You should see this creative team when Dandy can be off leash and just do her thing!

Dandy and her mom came to Las Vegas recently to visit a friend who was in a local hospital and they were able to volunteer here for a while.

You can learn more about this therapy team at:,asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=60543

And to learn about the Las Vegas Pet Partner affiliate therapy program, visit

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