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Therapy Dog of the Week: Cassidy the Airedale Terrier

Cassidy is an Airedale Terrier, the largest of the terrier breed. She is sturdy, sweet and a girl with a beard!

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When Cassidy participates in the anti-bully program, Be Cool, Not Cruel, she is one of the most interesting dogs for the children. They learn to respect her size and strength and understand that she can also be calm and gentle. The children all laugh when they find out she is a girl because of her beard and her sheer size. At first some children are reluctant to pet her, but they soon warm to her gentle demeanor.

They love hearing her story and they learn that this may not be the dog for everyone. She needs a lot of exercise and found the perfect family who love to run and hike and be outdoors. But she also enjoys being inside with her mom working with children. She can be very calm and patient, waiting for that first touch. Being such a large powerful dog is a lesson in itself as the children learn respect and how to walk and handle a larger dog.

My tiny Petey really likes Cassidy and they have a special way of greeting. It is something to watch the smallest dog and one of the largest leaning in to sniff each other. It demonstrates to the children that friends can come in all shapes and sizes and to never judge someone by how they look.

Cassidy's handler is a retired teacher and is now developing her own reading program with Cassidy, as well as joining the other Love Dogs in a variety of activities. Their strength is working with children but everyone wants to see this dog, a breed they may have never met in person before.

Cassidy once had a wonderful big brother, Conan, and missed him terribly when he passed away. But when the family decided it was time to welcome another dog into the family, K.C. came along. Now Cassidy is the proud big sister to a small, young terrier mix who possibly one day will also be a Love Dog.

Let's celebrate Cassidy, a dog with a fondness for hiking, running and playing as well as the gentleness of an experienced therapy dog.

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