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Therapy Dog of the Week: Boise the Golden Retriever

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Each week this column will feature a different member of the Love Dog animal assisted therapy team, a Pet Partner Community Partner affiliate program in Las Vegas.

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Boise is a Golden Retriever and a perfect representation of the breed. He is gentle, smart, steady and loving.
Boise began his therapy career over a year ago and has now been instrumental in developing several unique programs in Las Vegas. He works with several children each week on their physical and occupational therapy. Some things only a big dog can do and Boise has learned many new skills to accomplish goals with the children.

He can lie down on the swing, walk perfectly side by side a wheelchair or at the height of a bench, get into any position required, stand or down in one position for as long as it takes to achieve a goal, play all sorts of games and just be there for whatever is asked of him. But the most important thing Boise can do is love. He loves with a full heart and gentle eyes. He encourages and motivates and brings joy to each and every therapy session, no matter how difficult or painful or frustrating it may be.

Whether participating in the Love Dog's "Be Cool, Not Cruel" anti-bully program or huge events at universities and conferences or working in health facilities, Boise seems to attract a great deal of attention.

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