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Therapy dog becomes baby peacock's new best friend at Tulsa community center

The kind people at Tulsa's Saint Simeon's Senior Community Center love the wildlife that roams freely on their beautiful 50 acre community. Among the wild denizens are peacocks who lay their eggs around the campus every year, and when the little ones are big enough, the human residents find homes for the tiny peafowls.

Simone and Rocky, "Are you my mother?"
Freeze shot via YouTube GamesMedia HD

This year, one little family of would be peacocks found themselves abandoned by their mother, so the education director collected the eggs and brought them indoors. When surprisingly, one of the eggs hatched the next morning, the first thing the tiny peafowl spotted was Simone, the yellow Labrador retriever reported

"Are you my mother?," the tiny peafowl must have asked.

So when none of the other baby peacocks wanted anything to do with the newest arrival, the staff named him Rocky; of course from the Sylvester Stallone movie of the fighter who had a lot of obstacles to overcome before he became a champion, and the little peafowl followed Simone around wherever she would go.

Rocky has since been adopted by a lady who has other peacocks, and although Simone might be missing her little feathered friend, the stories of rescue and kindness in the animal world continue to amaze and thrill us.

Many thanks to the kind people of the Saint Simeone's Senior community. You rock.

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