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Therapy in a farm setting

Life on the Farm
Life on the Farm
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It's a good feeling to know that there're groups which provide a setting for children with disabilities, allowing them to gain therapeutic benefit from activities that sometimes we may take for granted.

With the upcoming budget cuts to impact thousands of poverty level families in Kentucky, options are still available for special needs individuals, until such time as we can get additional assistance, desperately needed in many places.

Page Quiggins, posting on the website, tells us about the nonprofit Central Kentucky Riding for Hope: Posted: Jun 30, 2013 11:21 AM EDT, Updated: Jun 30, 2013 11:27 AM EDT

Non-profit provides therapy in farm setting

"This non-profit has been providing a variety of "equine therapies" for more than 30 years to children and adults with special needs", she writes.

The experience transforms individuals, allowing them to feel the joy of responsibility and participation. Experience has taught many of us that SNK's need to engage in as many positive activities as possible, which allows the child to gain a sense of self worth, and confidence.

Support these types of organizations. Give them the resources they need to continue in assisting in the lives of people with special needs

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