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The 100-count TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Fresh Breath Lozenges are available here for $13.00. These are individually wrapped and slightly smaller than Velamints (remember those?). They work well. They do not taste well. But, they are not horrible either. Considering that they are sugar free, they could taste a lot worse. We have tried other mouth wetting products and they did nothing. Hence, we are very happy to find these and know that they work.

TheraBreath: Paste and Rinse
TheraBreath: Paste and Rinse

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse sells for $10.50 and can be purchased here. Unlike many oral rinses that we have tried over the years, this one does not burn the hairs out of your nose from inside of your mouth. In fact, it's just right.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste retails for $10.50 and can be purchased here. It too does not set you on fire. We know. We are sensitive and it's good to find accommodating products.

Overall, these are quality items. They arrived with a good-sized pamphlet "Users Guide To Fresher Breath & Better Oral Health." The guide is a multi-page foldout detailing TheraBreath's other products and what they do.

We will be replacing the lozenges when they run out and we will even try to buy them elsewhere.

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