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Theologians and Bishops meeting peacefully - how's that for news!

Michael Sean Winters reports in the National Catholic Reporter on his attendance at the Catholic Conversation Project. You can see his rather hopeful reflections (which you should read first, as always) at I suspect the numbering means more tomorrow. Here are my slightly more combative comments:

Between the verses of Kumbaya, let me suggest that it is the job of theologians not to argue with the Magisterium but to both warn the Hierarchy to its limits (distinguishing between belief that can only be agreed to but not proven by evidence and natural law - which should be the province of every thinking person, not just the Curia and its desire for eternal consistency) and to help intergrate new information (like the obvious archeology that shows that Adam and Eve, if they existed in Eden in the shadows of Ararat, were not the first parents, first human, etc. and the whole myth is a story about human nature - useful to understaning salvation history but not essential - Paul's use of them was as a rhetorical tool, not doctrine and doctrine using them as real figures, like original sin, needs recalibaration. Yes, I am cutting the core - which is needed).

The CCP is a nice counter-punch to those who so inelegantly challenged Obama's participation in a Notre Dame graduation over an issue that Obama has no say in. There are like three Republican judges total who would over-turn Roe - and none will ever go on the SCOTUS, nor should they. Like some of the bishops, they are so partisan that this partisanship must be condemned. Indeed, that no Bishop took those objectors to task, both privately and publicly (since their act was public) IS the scandal and it remains unrepented,. I would say that a CCP like gathering between older theologians and biships might be useful, but if Cardinal O'Malley and/or Bishop Blase were the invited hierarchs, I suspect the others would scream revolution! If one actually ocurred, of course, I would not mind at all.

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