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Theologian William Lane Craig to debate atheist Sean Carroll on God’s existence

In the aftermath of the well-publicized Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate over creation vs evolution comes another high profile exchange between Christian and atheist. Philosopher and theologian, William Lane Craig, will debate atheist, Sean Carroll, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology.

The topic of the debate is, “God and Cosmology: The Existence of God in Light of Modern Cosmology.”
This will be held Feb 21 at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The event is part of the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum in Faith and Culture Weekend Conference.

The debate will be live streamed at

In addition to the debate between Craig and Carroll, the following day will include four respondents with each debater choosing two responders.

Craig, Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California, is the author of several books and is the founder of

Carroll, too, is an author and has done extensive research on theoretical physics and cosmology.

In looking to his upcoming debate with Craig, Carroll states, “The guy is a very polished public speaker, and he is certainly an expert in this format. But I have the overwhelming advantage of being right.”

As for his opponent, Craig declares, “He is very aggressive in his secularism and naturalism. So he has emerged as an important spokesman for naturalism in contemporary society, and his status as a prominent scientist gives him credibility.”

For more on the upcoming debate go to
Both men have addressed the coming debate at the following:

William Lane Craig:

Sean Carroll:

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