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Theocratic Alabama Judge Moore gets American history wrong

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Roy Moore, unfortunately Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, believes the religious liberty that our nation enjoys, is only for Christians. In a video at a pro-life event, he seems to believe that the First Amendment only protects the rights of Christians, which it clearly doesn't, because if it only did so, it would say so.

Judge Moore also seems to believe that Thomas Jefferson, a deist and someone who didn't believe in the superstitions, dogma and doctrine of the bible believed in the Christian god (and all the mythology that goes along with it, as much as Moore or Pat Robertson.

Judge Moore also states that, "Buddha didn't create us, Muhammad didn't create us." Yes, that's true, but even in the dogma of Islam, those men are more prophets (especially Muhammad) then creators. If he thinks that Muslims believe that Muhammad created humans or the universe, he is grossly ignorant about basic Islamic ideas.

But Allah or any other god didn't create us. Neither did the god of the bible. That English settlers carried bibles 400 years ago from England doesn't make the Christian god true, that very idea is absurd.

Indeed what Madison or Paine or Jefferson thought of a god (and their ideas were vastly different then that of the Pilgrims or Puritans or even modern Christians) does not make that god true. A wrongly held belief is still a wrongly held belief, no matter how esteemed or wise someone might be when it comes to the affairs of the state.

Groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Freedom from Religion Foundation exist to educate the public about our secular and Enlightenment based republic. Not the historical revisionism of theocrats like Chief Judge Moore, or hopefully, once again former Chief Judge Moore



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