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Themed Parties: Revenge of the 70's

Dust off the Disco ball
Dust off the Disco ball

Shake Your Groove Thing

Whether you are planning a party to celebrate a 40th Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Halloween Party or just an annual themed party, everyone enjoys being time warped into 1970 something.  So strap on your platforms, pull up your bell bottoms and start planning with some of these ideas.

70's Characters only need attend: Guests can come as some of these icons

This was the time of Hippies, bell bottoms, polyester and peace.

Music: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, KISS, Stevie Wonder, Joan Jett

TV & Movies: Grease, The Brady Bunch,  Good Times, Mary Tyler Moore, Three's Company, The Love Boat, Charlies Angels

70's Flair: Bell bottoms, turtle necks, large floral prints, platform shoes, sideburns, afros and Farrah hair

The best costumes are the ones that were put together on a small budget by shopping at thrift stores and pulling from your closet.  Styles seem to re-circulate every so often and I bet there are a few things in your closet that resemble the 70's.  Get creative and don't hold back! 

Let people know that they will be voting for the best costume and there will be prizes.  You can pick up an old trophy at the thrift store and dress it up in crazy fabric, put bell bottoms and an afro on the figure.  You can find some great stuff at the craft store for this.  This will then be passed down year after year if you decide to make it a tradition.  2nd and 3rd place prizes can be a plastic peace sign necklace or a plastic disco ball.  Cheesy is OK in this instance. 

Decorating for the ultimate 70's atmosphere

Decorating for the theme might prove to be a little more difficult than dressing the part.  Think Lava Lamps, beads hanging in the doorway, bold graphic patterns, bright colors and shag.  If you can't find 70's looking table cloths at the thrift store, you will surely find some crazy fabric at your local fabric store.  Decorate the tables with this fabric.  For centerpieces find some plastic disco balls or fill a vase with daisies, the flower of peace.  If you are renting a space, see if they have a disco ball for the dance floor.  Hang big smiley faces, peace signs and flowers on the walls, chandeliers and doors.

Games and Entertainment

Hollywood Squares, Family Feud and The Price is Right!  These were popular games on TV during this time.  Use 70's trivia to play one of these games.  Choose the best one that will engage everyone and don't make the questions too hard.  It's all about having fun.  A little research online will help to make this fun and easy.

If you hire a DJ, ask him to play 70's hits and make sure he dresses the part as well.  If you are hosting at home and have Direct TV or Dish, you can turn your TV to XM radio, 70's music, and blast it.  If you have internet in your party room, Pandora Radio is a free music station that will play 70's music, but with an occasional commercial.


Invitations are perhaps the most important factor in planning your party.  These must be sent out 2-3 weeks in advance if you want a successful turnout.  They will need time to shop for the best outfit and mark their calendar.  Again, be really creative.  Buy some blank cards and envelopes- perhaps bright colored- and add 70's stickers, wrap in funky fabric, fill with 70's inspired confetti...... whatever comes to mind.  This will set the tone for the theme and will make the impression that this is a big event.  If you don't want to make invites, you can also go to to create and email an invitation to all your guests.  This is also a great tool for collecting RSVPs.  

In conclusion, it's all about being creative, doing a little research, giving yourself time to plan and ultimately, having a great time with friends and family. 

Any excuse to gather with friends and family is a good excuse, find yours.


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