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Theme park rules and guidelines meant to make visit enjoyable

Lake Winnepaesaukah Amusement Park
Lake Winnepaesaukah Amusement Park
John Hampton

For those going to a theme park, amusement park, or water park, the visit is meant to be an enjoyable time with friends and family. However, there are rules and guidelines meant to provide safety and make the visit pleasant for all guests to the park.

Some items are not allowed in theme parks. Many parks prohibit alcohol or tobacco on park property, and those that do allow those vices usually only allow them in restricted areas. Many theme parks also prohibit other items meant for food preparation and consumption, such as grills or coolers. Some theme parks also prohibit radios, CD players, and MP3 players. Some even prohibit clothing containing profanity, discriminatory remarks, or other offensive languages or images.

Policies are also in place for safety of the guests in the park or to ensure a fun time for all. Most parks do not allow line jumping or unauthorized holding of places in line. Many will require that customers keep shirts and shoes on at all times. Some require children under a certain age to be accompanied by an adult. All amusement parks have rides with age, height, or activity restriction policies. Most water parks also require small children to wear swim diapers.

In the event of severe weather, all parks have policies in place that will close the park or close all rides and shows during the time that severe weather is imminent in the area. Also, all parks have security that will assist in the event of an emergency, a lost child or parent, or if criminal activity is occurring. Be sure to observe specific policies in place at the theme, amusement, or water park that you attend.

Theme parks have policies in place to keep people safe. Following these policies ensures that everyone attending the park has a good, fun time.

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