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Wedding event includes fundraiser to help animals - and you are invited

The May 25 wedding of Caleb Liber and Jessica Dixon will include a fundraiser to help animals
The May 25 wedding of Caleb Liber and Jessica Dixon will include a fundraiser to help animals
Caleb Liber

Perhaps it’s because this event is so unique. Or maybe it’s because the story of the people behind it warms the heart. Either way, Caleb Liber and Jessica Dixon’s wedding day is gaining attention. For on their special day, Caleb and Jessica will be helping others.

On May 25, 2014, the New York couple will say their vows. Their wedding reception, to be held at the Spark Contemporary Art Space in Syracuse, will include a fundraiser for animals. The wedding will be open to the public.

All money collected at the door and bar will go to benefit Spay & Neuter Syracuse (SANS). How awesome is that!

The $10 charge includes a vegan pasta bar. Three local bands will be entertaining: Mouse House, Stonelord Brothers and My So-Called Band (one of Caleb’s bands, which is a 90’s cover band).

Intrigued by this selfless act, the Mansfield Animal Advocacy Examiner wanted to find out more, so interviewed Caleb Liber:

What made you decide to include a fundraiser at your wedding?
“Jessica (my fiancée) and I wanted to do something that was a bit less selfish than a normal wedding. We DO have a registry still, but at the same time, we have made it clear to everyone that if they want to donate instead of buying us something, that would be fantastic. We feel that a wedding is a great way to raise a decent amount of money for a great cause.”

Why did you choose Spay and Neuter Syracuse?
“Spay and Neuter Syracuse (SANS) is a wonderful operation. We've taken our own pets there and had wonderful experiences. We wanted to also pick an organization that we felt could use the extra money. On top of that, we picked SANS because it was something that really meant a lot to us. We're both vegan and believe in compassion to all animals. On that note, we own three dogs and one cat and know the importance of adopting an animal. We found our pets, and made sure not to buy them from a pet store or a breeder. Everyone seems to want cute little puppies and kitties, but if we stop the breeding, then more amazing shelter animals would get adopted. The overcrowding of dogs and cats would also get reduced, meaning that there would be less malnourished stray dogs and cats running around.”

Tell me a little about your background, and your fiancée’s, that may have inspired you to help animals on your most special day.
“As far as me (Caleb), I didn't grow up with dogs or cats, but we always had pet birds flying around our house! They were great. I always wanted a dog though. When I was 26, I rescued a cute beagle dog from people who weren't caring for him properly. Unfortunately, I was moving around too much at the time for me to be a good puppy dad to him, so I gave him to my parents, and they still have him to this day. They treat him like a king. At the age of 16, I decided to be vegetarian, and at 20, I went vegan. I did this strictly for animal rights/compassion ... not for health reasons. Animal equality is a huge part of my life and if I can make the difference in the life of just one animal, it will all be worth it. Jessica is also vegan for reasons of compassion. She feels that animals should be treated with respect, just as I do. So basically, her reasonings are the same as mine for the most part, which is why we get along so well ... and for many other reasons too!”

Do you own any animals? Work with animal groups?
“As I already mentioned, we own three dogs and one cat. Cairo is our Rottweiler mix. We think he's part Rott, part Pitt. Jessica and our daughter Michelle found him down in South Carolina outside of a department store in the weeds. They heard him whimpering. He was so young, he still was trying to nurse. Now he's almost 100 lbs, but he still thinks he's a lapdog. Penny is another dog Jessica found. She was driving down a busy street in New York and saw her shivering on the side of the road in the cold. She's a smaller dog and we think she's a Miniature Italian Greyhound. She just wants to lay on your lap all day long. Moose is our third dog. He's still a puppy (nine months old) and is a mix between a Golden Lab and a Golden Retriever. A girl that we met had dogs and they (accidentally) had puppies. She didn't know what to do with them, so we took one and Jessica's brother did as well. Now the two brothers get to hang out and play. We acquired our cat (Meowsers) in a similar manner. A woman had a litter of cats and we took one to help her out. She's an outside cat. Luckily, all our cats and dogs get along! I help out where I can involving animal groups. I also write the newsletter for Green Planet (the health food store where I work) and, many times, I write about veganism and try to spread the word as much as possible.”

Please support their cause, SANS, to show appreciation of the good works Caleb and Jessica have joined forces to accomplish as they enter into their new life together. Caleb adds, "if anyone ... would like to donate to SANS, that would be wonderful. Consider it a wedding gift to us. Also, if anyone reading this would like to come to our wedding, that would also be wonderful. There will be vegan food (pasta with different vegan sauces), and ANYONE AND EVERYONE is welcome.”

If you are able to attend, RSVP the event on Facebook by clicking here. Even if you cannot attend, please help get the word out on this benefit event.

The wedding will be held on Sunday, May 25 at 2:00 p.m. Spark Contemporary Art Space is located at 1005 E. Fayette Street in Syracuse, New York.

Follow Spay and Neuter Syracuse on Facebook. Donations can be made on their website.

And thank you, Caleb Liber and Jessica Dixon-soon-to-be-Liber, for all you are doing to help animals, and for being an inspiration to others.

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