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Their god is the belly

Since the so-called "immigration crisis" broke over America, particularly in Arizona and other border states, we have seen yet another chapter related to an article I wrote some time ago. The subject was "take off your mask and let me see how ugly you are."

At that time I would not have believed just how hideous the Republican Party really is. As we see every day in the media, they have no shame. They feel nothing, and I think that is important; the only thing that registers on their sensibilities is physical gratification. In other words, they live for sex, food and drink. And you can tell by their obsession with sex. "Their god is the belly, and they glory in their shame."

If Republican men are not dwelling on their desire to subjugate women to their whims (a common fixation in old men), they are trying desperately to make gay people go away, because their closeted desires for same-sex gratification are so dangerously near the surface, nearly out of control. Republican women, whether they are elected representatives or talking heads, are also backing further and further into various corners in order to placate the truly hysterical men who fear women, fear gays and fear immigrants (to name a few).

From the perspective of the rest of the world, Americans look like lunatics who shoot each other down in the streets unimpeded by law enforcement, while their legislators enact laws that are beyond stupid. The spectacle is appalling.

I keep warning Americans that this nation is teetering on the edge of a cliff that will plunge us into fascism if we do nothing. It is now clear that it is the same thing that happened to Germany. We are still scolding Germans for giving in to the propaganda and fear-mongering of the National Socialists, but all the while Americans are a nation of homicidal maniacs. That is the simple truth.

In some ways there is no "teetering" about it; we are already at bloodbaths in the streets and law enforcement that operates in a siege mentality. All the commentary on it is in defense of the situation instead of siding with normal people and police officers. You can watch the other opinions of MSNBC, of course, if you are willing to buy a few extra channels on your cable service. The networks are afraid to go too far and offend their corporate ownership.

This is not the worst part of it (I'm getting to that). Tonight there will be a candidate forum in Tucson, and if the people of Tucson do not show up and demand change, they deserve a "guns everywhere" law like that of Georgia. And they will see it, too.

The worst part of this is that for generations the Republican Party has billed itself as the guardian of Christian morality. They now interpret this through the lens of fanaticism: fanaticism about guns, stand-your-ground laws that are just a veil over the "right" to kill other people and pure unadulterated racial hatred. We are all paying the price for voting Republican, but if the American people do it again, they deserve the descent into madness that is taking place because we are doing nothing to stop it.

If you can get over the fact that President Obama is an African American, perhaps you can see that a party of fanatics is inciting violence and treason in this country--a party that claims to be Christian, a party that claims that they are patriotic. Those claims are preposterous, but if you don't see it you will end up like all the "good Germans" who chose not to stand in the way of the Nazis.

Americans ought to be in the streets right now, demanding that the stupidity of Republican congresspeople stop at once. If we don't demand it, it will not stop. Do you have to lose your house or your right to health care or your right to privacy in your doctor's office--you, personally--before you understand that things have gone too far?

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