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Thief posts to Facebook from crime scene

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It’s hard to take more than three steps without hearing someone's pretentious rant about how technology, especially social media, is ruining our society and making us dumber. However, a thief who robbed a Minnesota home on Thursday is making a strong case for such arguments.

26-year old Nicholas Wig broke into the home of James Wood (no, not that one) and proceeded to log onto the home's computer to check his Facebook, because no one wants to fall behind on the latest memes, especially when you’re in the middle of a burglary.

When Wood returned home, he found his house ransacked, with all his cash, credit cards and his watch missing. However he did find the wet pair of pants and shoes that Wig left behind. Along with the clothes that were left forgotten, Wood found something even better on his computer- the Facebook page of Nicholas Wig, who had neglected to log out of the social media site before leaving the crime scene.

Wood posted a status update on the robber's own Facebook stating that Wig had robbed his house and left his phone number in hopes that one of Wig's friends could help him get his stuff back. In an interesting turn of events, the thief himself texted Wood, prompting Wood to generously offer to return the clothes the burglar had left at his home.

Obviously, a person who would leave their Facebook profile open on the computer of a house they'd just robbed probably wouldn't be sharp enough to recognize this as a trap and luckily, Wig agreed to meet the person he robbed only a few short hours earlier. Wood recognized the robber from his Facebook profile picture and immediately called the police to have him arrested. Wood went on to call Wig “the world's dumbest criminal.” If convicted, Wig will earn the dubious honor of the worst prison story ever. Maybe he should post an LMS status for a good lawyer.