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Thee path home

The walk was the longest walk any individual has taken. It started one cold, spring night, in a stall. There were animals occupying some of the other stalls. The air was heavy in the smell of farm animals. A small group of men came through to visit with the parents, and pay homage to a baby who they had heard was born that particular night.

The walk continued into another country, in a house where royalty came to visit with this young family, leaving gifts. For three years the Roman governor in Jerusalem, Herod, ordered all male babies, newborns up to three years old, in and around Jerusalem, killed. Yet this particular toddler escaped his wrath. Eventually the family made their way back to Jerusalem to pay taxes and then settled in Nazareth. At the age thirty, He began preaching and teaching religious a way of life that was alien to the Jewish leaders of that time. So much of the teaching, including that He claimed He was the Son of God, that it eventually caused Him to get arrested and sentenced to death.

The longest trek of the walk was from His prison cell to the site of His execution. On a cross he died, a death that He willingly accepted, and told His followers that He was destined to. By anybody's standard that long walk finished there, on a hill called Golgotha. As it turned out, the place where he was buried was just a temporary resting place. Three days later, He rose from the dead to finish His long walk home, standing at right side of His Father in Heaven.

The long walk from home and back took thirty three years, a walk that delivered a valuable gift to man, if he would accept. A gift of eternal life, so valuable that it is more precious than gold. That gift is salvation, all we have to do is accept it. If you want this gift, pick up a Holy Bible, read John 3:16, then read the rest of the book. If that is the gift you want, then seek out a believer who will help guide you to that gift. Eternal life will be the best gift ever received by any one individual, all you have to do is ask for forgiveness for your sins, and ask Him to be a part of your life, in your heart. Jesus took that long walk, and He is waiting for you.

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