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TheBigWonderful local food market brings Denver foodies a culinary incubator

Aiko Pops
Aiko Pops

Denver’s first food incubator market is inviting area chefs, cooks, brewers, entrepreneurs – or those with a delicious family recipe – to participate in the next big thing to hit the food scene: TheBigWonderful. For a small fee, vendors are invited to set up a booth and showcase two to three of their most thoughtful dishes to thousands of hungry patrons perusing the booths each week. Since many vendors are just starting, two to three will be awarded seed money to help launch their concepts at TheBigWonderful.


TheBigWonderful is a low-cost, high-traffic option to try something new. For foodies, that means free admission to a market offering affordable, delicious, inspiring local foods. For vendors, it’s a year-round locale that offers entrepreneurs and established businesses a place to pilot new concepts.

Each business has the chance to get noticed for their talents, drive revenue and test their creations, while keeping all proceeds from their sales to help ignite their business. TheBigWonderful’s Grand Opening will take place on Saturday, July 12th at Sustainability Park (26th and Lawrence) in Denver, with more than 50 unique, healthy and palate-pleasing foods, bohemian brews and useful crafts. Vendors interested in submitting can apply for the entire summer here. A significant percentage of the proceeds will benefit The Urban Farmers Collaborative as well as several other charitable organizations.

“TheBigWonderful is leveling the playing field by offering everyone from startups to full-fledged businesses the same opportunity: an affordable way to showcase delicious, farm-fresh food and hand-crafted goods that help sustain our local economy,” said Co-founder Josh Sampson. “Our event will serve as a marketplace that brings the community together, is sustainably minded and supports sourcing local food.”

The list of confirmed vendors are widely varied and range from national concepts looking to expand to Denver’s growing food scene, like Victory Coffee, a NY-based, ‘Willy Wonka’ Style Coffee to more culturally diverse concepts including, A Taste of the Philippines, and their hand-rolled Filipino-style egg rolls known as Lumpias. TheBigWonderful will also feature numerous food truck purveyors including the popular Ba-Nom-a-Nom’s gluten, dairy, additive and sugar free “fro yo” and East Coast Joe’s traditional Maine lobster rolls and crab roll. A complete list of vendors is available here:

  • Sunshine Bowl
  • A Taste of the Philippines
  • Culture Club
  • Sojourn
  • Waffle Up
  • Ba-Nom-a-Nom
  • Backyard Soda
  • East Coast Joe’s
  • These Things Take Time
  • Mary Nguyen
  • Victory Coffee
  • Brazilian Acaraje
  • Bicycle Cafe
  • Aiko Pops
  • Urban Farmers
  • Original Funky Fries
  • Artist booth
  • Wong Way Veg

“TheBigWonderful is so exciting for me because it is located in my own neighborhood, and it’s amazing to watch Five Points growing up and becoming the central foodie destination in Denver, especially with TheBigWonderful's help,” said Kathy Gietl, Owner of A Taste of the Philippines. “It means I don't have to travel far to feed the exotic street food culture I am helping to create. TheBigWonderful presents a great opportunity for food entrepreneurs such as myself and I am thrilled to be a part of it".

Here’s what to expect at TheBigWonderful:

  • Sustainable practices: TheBigWonderful seeks to bring the best of Denver’s emerging food scene to the masses without leaving a footprint. That means no two booths are the same, and there’s no waste. All organic waste is recycled back to farms to produce nutrient-rich soil.
  • All are welcome: From date night to family time, TheBigWonderful truly is an experience all can enjoy. Open every Saturday, from 10am-5pm.
  • Beats, brews and big ideas: Local musicians, brewers and entrepreneurs join in the fun, creating an event that provides more than just good food, but a locally sourced block party of epic proportions.

For more information, follow TheBigWonderful on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

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