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TheBigWonderful adopts new food truck policy

Denver’s first food incubator market is making it easier than ever for local food truck purveyors to participate in TheBigWonderful. Instead of paying a daily fee to park for the entire event, food truck owners can now utilize “impromptu” food truck parking on-site anytime during the weekly events and come and go as they please throughout the day. This will enable a rotating line-up of food trucks to showcase their culinary creations when it is most convenient for them and bring a wider variety of flavors to attendees. After just eight weeks, TheBigWonderful has already become Denver’s largest year-round backyard barbeque, and now it will become Denver’s one-stop-shop for foodies wanting to get a taste of something new.

“True to our commitment of supporting local food entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses, TheBigWonderful realized food trucks need flexibility and convenience and nowhere in Denver was providing that,” said the visionary behind TheBigWonderful, Josh Sampson. “This will make it possible for food trucks to sell their food until it’s gone and have regular access to a consistent stream of hungry patrons each week.”

Several of Denver’s favorite food trucks are already planning to attend, including: East Coast Joes, the Brazilian Acaraje, American Grind, Baba’s and Pops, La Chiva and Chuey Fus. Vendors are welcome to come if space permits and are encouraged to call a few hours ahead if possible.

TheBigWonderful is a low-cost, high-traffic option to try something new. For foodies, that means free admission to a market offering affordable, delicious, inspiring local foods. For vendors, it’s a year-round locale that offers entrepreneurs and established businesses a place to pilot new concepts. It is also expanding its live, free music calendar and will be showcasing live music at each event. Musicians can inquire on the website if they are interested in performing.

“TheBigWonderful is leveling the playing field by offering everyone from startups to full-fledged businesses the same opportunity: an affordable way to showcase delicious, farm-fresh food and hand-crafted goods that help sustain our local economy,” said Sampson. “Our event will serve as a marketplace that brings the community together, is sustainably minded and supports sourcing local food.”

Here’s what to expect at TheBigWonderful:

Sustainable practices: TheBigWonderful seeks to bring the best of Denver’s emerging food scene to the masses without leaving a footprint. That means no two booths are the same, and there’s no waste. All organic waste is recycled back to farms to produce nutrient-rich soil.

All are welcome: From date night to family time, TheBigWonderful truly is an experience all can enjoy. Open every Saturday, from 11am to dusk and Final Fridays from 5pm to 10pm.

Beats, brews and big ideas: Local musicians, brewers and entrepreneurs join in the fun, creating an event that provides more than just good food, but a locally sourced block party of epic proportions.

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